A Movie On Prophet Mohammed!

Movie On Mohammed!
Well! We all knew how sensitive  it is to talk about depicting Prophet Mohammed. Many clerics say that trying to depict Prophet Mohammed is forbidden. The recent attack on Charlie Hebdo is a classical example in this regard. Earlier, a fatwa was declared against Salmaan Rushdie, who authored ‘The Satanic Verses’, where in it was said that Salmaan Rushdie has dishonoured Prophet Mohammed.
The latest news from a news agency  is that Majid Majidi, an Iranian director is trying to make a film on Mohammed. The movie is titled ‘Mohammed, The Messenger Of God’. The film maker and his film both are already in the news for its story and the making. As a part of the shooting, a replica of the Kaaba has been built in Allahyar. The movie is of 190 minute duration and the story of the movie focuses on Mohammed’s childhood without showing his face. The movie will run as recollections by Mohammed’s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib played by Iranian actor Ali Reza who  narrates the story of Mohammed

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