Amazon now offers unlimited cloud storage for just US$59.99 per year

Amazon recently announced a couple of new cloud storage plans and the most crucial one that you want to take note of is its new "Unlimited Everything" plan.

As its name suggest, this plan offers unlimited storage for any type of files for a fee of US$59.99 (S$82.50) a year.

This is a lot more affordable than competitors like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud are offering. For instance, Dropbox charges about US$120 a year for 1TB of cloud storage and their unlimited plan is restricted only to business users and runs up to US$180 a year per user.

For photography enthusiasts, Amazon is also offering another plan for unlimited storage of photos and 5GB of videos and files for US$11.99 a year. This plan is free for all Amazon Prime users.

Source: Amazon

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