Anushka Sharma’s work underway on the second production

In Bollywood, stars and actors turn producers so that they can play the leading men and leading ladies in their own productions. But not someone like Anushka Sharma. Despite scoring a big hit in the Navdeep Singh-directed NH10, which is still going great guns at the box office, the actress doesn't want to only produce movies that star her in the lead.

Anushka's next two production ventures – under her Clean Slate Films banner which she's formed with brother Karnesh Sharma – were finalized last year itself much before NH10 even got completed. She didn't need to wait for the box office fate of NH10 because she believed in the stories and the creative talent associated with them.

And now Anushka's getting Akshat Verma, who wrote the rip-roaring hit comedy Delhi Belly, to direct a film for her. She is not going to act in that one and the casting process is going to begin soon.

Anushka is here for the long haul and NH10 was not just a one-off thing. Anushka the producer and the actor may have common references but they are essentially two different people. So you will see a lot of Clean Slate Films', where she is not acting and a few where she would lead from the front.

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