Chandra Mohan’s Amazing Revelation!

Telugu cinema lover need no introduction to the name of Chandra Mohan. As a hero and character artiste, he has served the Telugu film industry for decades now and created an identity of his own. One interesting revelation has been made by Chandramohan.

It seems that the original choice as hero in the classic 'Swathimuthyam' was Chandramohan and he had also rehearsed thoroughly for his character in the movie. However, he was replaced at the last minute with Kamal Haasan, by Viswanath.

Of course, Chandramohan is all praise for the performance of Kamal in the movie but he still feels the pain of having lost out on such a great opportunity. Earlier also, Chandramohan acted as hero in hit films of K Viswanath. But after the incident of 'Swathimuthyam', he did not work with K Viswanath again. The reasons are not hard to guess!

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