Facts behind Trisha keeps away from her Hsuband

When there are three films on your table, which one do you pick? Some heroes and heroines may pick the film that is being made by their relatives and family members, but dusky heroine Trisha Krishnan shocked her would-be husband sometime back.

Rather signing the film being produced by Varun Manian, she signed her manager Giridhar's movie. Why did she opted out from husband's movie? Kollywood is packed with discussions that all is not well between Trisha and Varun. Ever since she chose to not do her husband's movie, it is being publicised that Trisha is unhappy with some of Varun's decisions. For all these happenings, she cited date issues as the reason for leaving husband's movie.

Well, she could have postponed her manager's production venture to a later time and finished off her husband's movie know. It is being heard that the couple are on the verge of a bitter split. Just after engagement, hope such things wont happen.

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