It was meant to be a helpline for women in distress.
But, the distress calls are coming from men, who are pleading with the authorities “Mujhe Meri Biwise Bachao.”  Harassing wives and pesky partners are making lives a hell for Gujarati men and at least 181 SoS calls from men flooded the Abhayam Helpline for women. At least a good 25 per cent calls were made by men.
Most prominent reason is the threat to file a domestic violence complaint. The second reason for complaint is the wife’s constant demands for more money. Clash between the mother in law and wife is the third major reason for complaint.
The Abhayam staff and tele-callers, who are trained to handle women’s complaints, are finding themselves at the wits end as to how to deal with the pleas of harassed and harried husbands.

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