Homely girl exposed juicy thighs..

Samanta is a bundle of immense talent whose screen presence is always energized and electrifying. However she took an oath to not go for glamour-roles at any time .But she seems to be breaking norms now.

Samantha's skimpy outfits from last few films have become the talking point. Crossing the borders she tried to erase her previous image of 'girl-next-door' and stunned one and all with her short dresses. Samantah even dare to wore bikini and it earned her sexy image.

Now a couple of pictures of Sam  from the upcoming movie S/O Satyamurthy are literally surprising for her fans. The once cute girl is seen sporting short knickers that reveal her thunder thighs. The pictures of Samanta is creating sensation and fans can't wait to see her glamorous side. One wonders what made the talented beauty go for a spicy skin show all of a sudden.

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