Hot Heroine Controversial Comments on Telugu Film Industry

Radhika Apte, the powerful performer who impressed everyone with her intense acts in films like Raktha Charitra, Dhoni, Legend etc, is in news for her shocking comments on Telugu film industry. In a recent interview given to popular Bollywood critic Rajeev Masand, Radhika said that she enjoys working in all the regional film industries except Telugu.

Radhika further explains that Telugu film industry functions in a male dominant and male chauvinistic setup and that actresses are treated very badly here. She further said that she is no longer looking forward to working in Telugu films since it has become unbearable for her to cope with the industry. While her comments definitely shocked everyone, many are wondering what bad experiences Radhika might have gone through while working in Telugu films.

After the successive successes of Badlapur and Hunterr, Radhika's career is at an all-time high and she is being offered exciting films by top productions houses in Hindi. Her comments have raised the long and never ending issue of film industry functioning in a patriarchal system once again. We will have to wait and see if her comments bring out a positive change in TFI.

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