How do you find love in the real world?

What Fundamentalists Are Missing About Religious Freedom Bills
The irony is they completely think they're doing the right thing...what Jesus would do.
Aspiring Gay Dads Spoof Meghan Trainor For A Great Cause
Joe Morales and Joey Famoso say they released "Dear Future Baby," a parody of the Meghan Trainor smash, "Dear Future Husband," to "illustrate the type of dads we will be" in the future. 
Indiana Governor Signs Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill At Private Ceremony
Business owners who don't want to serve same-sex couples, for example, could now have legal protections to discriminate. 
Congressman Compares Gays To Slave Owners After His Website Gets A Surprise Pro-Queer Makeover
Idaho Rep. Paul Shepherd (R-Riggins) got a big surprise this week when a college student reportedly purchased his former website and turned it into a resource page for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.
How Do You Find Love In The Real World? These People Might Have The Answer
From the emergence of the professional pick-up artist to the resurgence of old school matchmakers, an entire industry has developed to handle something human beings used to be able to navigate on their own: the dating scene.
Watch A Love Story Unravel As Two Male Dancers Break Your Heart With Their Muscular Bodies
A New York dance company shows what happens in those final moments when a relationship fades into oblivion -- well, at least for those of us who engage in serious choreography with our romantic partners.
The Way This Jewish Transgender Teen's Religious Community Loves Him Is Absolutely Beautiful
Attention Queer Women: 'X-Files' Star Gillian Anderson Is Looking For A Date
Even if you aren't able to snag Anderson's heart, you can still watch her in the highly anticipated "The X-Files" reboot! 
When It Comes To Trans Issues, This Unearthed Clip Shows Dolly Parton Character Was A Trailblazer
Two decades before what many have termed the "transgender tipping point," this silly little comedy was light-years ahead of where much of the rest of the culture was when it came to treating trans people with dignity. 
NCAA Troubled By Indiana's New Anti-Gay Law
The Final Four games in the March Madness men's basketball tournament will be held in Indianapolis next week, putting the issue front and center for the NCAA

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