I am woman.......


A woman needs to be assured
In each and every way,
She needs the warmth of loving words
That only you can say.
She needs a lot of understanding …
When she's feeling somewhat down.
She needs for you to make her smile,
And take away her frown.
A woman's heart is fragile
Her feelings are that way too,
Times she feels so sad inside,
Not knowing what to do.
It's hard to be a woman,
Misunderstood in many ways,
Sometimes all it takes to help,
Is a loving word, to make her day?
She needs to know that she's the one,
That fills your heart with desire,
She needs to be told often,
That she sets your soul on fire.
She needs that soft and tender touch
As if she were a fragile rose,
And feel that she's so special.
From all others, you could have chose.
She needs to hear, "I Love you",
Whether close or miles apart,
She needs to know… she's the one,
That's the center of your heart.
So, please listen when I need to talk,
Please kiss away my tears,
Let me share my worries with you,
And help me face my fears.
You see, I'm just a woman.


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