Remember Rajamouli's Eega, where the protagonist Nani reincarnates himself as a housefly to wreak vengeance on the baddie?
Eega is being enacted in Valmiki Railway station of Bihar's Champaran, the only difference is that it's a monkey that is wrecking vengeance this time around.
Unbelievable but true, a monkey is targeting only goods train drivers. The railway authorities, who initially ignored the attacks, see a pattern now. The first driver was attacked in Valmiki station, and all the others struggled to  save him. One more driver was attacked when he was on the tracks and had to hide in a cabin to save himself. Just a day later, one more driver was attacked while in the engine cabin. He had to send an SoS to Railway Police, who came in time and saved him.
According to the railway officials, a monkey is targeting goods drivers after its simian sibling was moved down by a goods train.

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