RGV Take On Virat Kohli GF!

RGV’s Satire?
Well! We all know that India has lost the World Cup semi finals to Australia . Though the team  tried a lot, they couldn’t make it to the winning line. Fans have taken to social networking sites to dissect the team’s performance and many things are being discussed about the  India loss, Virat Kohli’s performance is one among them. Perhaps the main point in them. We know controversies surrounding VIrat Kohli and his girl friend Anushka Sharma. Many are criticizing that Anushka Sharma is the reason behind Virat Kohli’s poor performance in the most important match of the Indian calendar.
Ram Gopal Varma has also expressed his opinion in this regard. He, on his micro blogging site has said, “I personally like Anushka Sharma’s performance  much much more than the performance of whoever and whatever her boyfriend is?”
We hav no idea if RGV was being sarcastic about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s relationship, which perhaps might have led to the bad performance of Virat in today’s match. God alone knows!

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