Shiva Linga Pooja Images

Shiva Linga Pooja Images. Below are some auspicious pictures of Shiva Abhishekam done to Shivaling using Vibhuti, Sandalwood paste and water or Tender Coconut water. Abhishek is performed to Shivalinga representing his manifestation as a creator of good.

Shiva Lingam decorated after abhishekam Image.

shiva lingam decorated image

Priest performing Shiva Linga abhishek with Bhasma or Vibhuti (holy ash)

shivalinga abhishek image

 Jala Abhishek of Shivalinga in Temple.

shivalinga jaladhara puja

Shivaling decorated with haram (mala) and dhoti. Snake can be seen above Shivalinga

shivalinga decorated snake in linga

Shiva Puja Abhishekam done with Sandalwood Paste to Shiv Ling.

shivlinga pooja with sandalwood paste

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