Shocking: AP Govt. announces Jackpot to MLAs!

The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a shocking decision to gift all its MLAs the most expensive iPhone 6. The Andhra Pradesh government has made this after the recent budget sessions that happened. It seems every MLA was personally asked about a which gift they would prefer, while most of them wanted an iPhone 6!
Don’t you think that’s going to wake up another controversy from the common public? When there are many problems that are to be solved, the MLAs are in need of an iPhone 6 is the shooting question from everyone. It seems these mobiles will be given to them very soon.
Many of them objected this decision of gifting these costly phones and instead invest that money in the power and water problems that will hit soon in Andhra Pradesh. These kind 0f gifts are nothing new, in the past iPads were gifted to them. The money that the representatives enjoy is the money of a common man, so how can they resort to waste that money for their happiness?

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