Shocking: Kodali Nani and Roja apologize Publicly

Public representatives are supposed to set an example to the people but that’s totally forgotten. Budget sessions of Andhra Pradesh has witnessed the worst incidents of all. The MLAs made personal allegations, humiliating comments and used abusive language.
 The YSR Congress party MLAs Kodali Nani and RK Roja has finally apologised publicly for their allegations against the Honorable Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad. The MLAs said “You are like father figure to us. We take back our words as they hurt you. We sincerely apologise for the kind of allegations we made.” This kind of attitude of the MLAs are surely to be applauded and welcoming.
However, the YSR Congress party Chief Jaganmohan Reddy has earlier informed the Speaker that his MLAs are ready to apologise and will do it very soon. Jagan said that his MLAs don’t feel it a shame to apologiseinstead they are just correcting their mistake. Jagan said “We don’t feel shy for saying sorry if we did something wrong.“

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