Sri Satya Sai Baba


A bird in flight in the sky needs two wings; a person walking needs two legs; an aspirant eager to attain liberation needs two qualities: renunciation and wisdom — renunciation of worldly desires and wisdom to become aware of the Atma. When a bird has only one wing, it can't rise up into the sky, can it? In the same manner, if one has only renunciation or only wisdom, one cannot attain the Divine. The sense of 'mine' is the bond of deluding attachment. How long can one cling to what one fondles as mine? Someday you must give up everything and leave, alone and empty handed. This is the inescapable destiny. Hence give up as quickly as possible assumed relationships and artificial attachments through rigorous analysis of their nature. Attachment breeds fear and egotism. The wise will never bow to the fancies of objective desire. Constantly stick to the everlasting truth and adhere to the immortal virtues that the Atma represents.


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