Sri Satya Sai Baba


Desire and bondage to the objects desired and the plans to secure them are attributes of the individualised selves, not of the Self or Atma resident in the body. The sense of me and mine and the emotions of lust and anger originate in the body-mind complex. Only when this complex is conquered and outgrown can true virtue emanate and manifest. The sense of 'doer' and 'enjoyer', of 'agentship', might appear to affect the Atma, but they are not part of the genuine nature of the Atma. Things get mirrored and produce images, but the mirror is not tarnished or even affected thereby. It remains as clear as it was. So too, a virtuous person might be subjected to some contaminating activities due to a backlog of acts in previous lives, but they cannot obstruct the person's present nature or activities. The virtuous person has these genuine, basic attributes: purity, serenity, joy and is ever cheerful.

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