Sri Satya Sai Baba


A piece of mysorepaak (an Indian delicacy made of gram flour) has sweetness, weight, and shape; the three cannot be separated from the other. Each little part of it has all these three aspects. When it is placed on the tongue, taste is recognised, weight is lessened, and shape is modified - all at the same time. So too, the individual soul (jiva), the Atma, and the Supreme Lord (Parameswara) are not separate; they are one and the same. "I am the worshiper. The world is the offering. God is the Master who is worshiped." Hold this vision high before the mind's eye every day and lead your life accordingly. Then your life is one long unbroken service to the Lord. Over time, the feeling of I and You will soon disappear; all trace of self will be destroyed. Life then transmutes itself into a veritable devotion to the Lord (Hariparayana).

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