Ssmall Spiritual Snippet


THE NATURE OF MIND :: Is mind a boon or bane? Is it a gift to us or a burden? What is considered to be a bane is the unctrollable state of the mind and not the mind itself. What is sought after is a mind that is controlled, that would do one's bidding willingly. A mind that is under control is a boon, a wonderful friend on the journey of life and the mind that is unctrolled is one's own enemy. In truth, our minds are mostly a matter of pride for us. We value our thoughts immensely, we value our ideas and ideologies, we value our knowledge of various things and we value the sum total of all this which we call 'mind'. On the one hand, we blame the mind for its waywardness and distracting nature, on the other hand, we wish to cling to it, believing that in it lies the very core of our being. From time immemorial it has been held that controlling the mind is far more difficult than controlling the wind. Hence we have to struggle much to reach the supreme goal of steady Self-abidance, and the chances of success are said to be rare indeed. Sri Ramana Maharshi says that all thoughts are sorrowful because they turn our attention away from our natural happiness and hook us on to the illusion that happiness is linked to objects and objective experiences. This understanding gives us the courage to turn attention away from every thought as it arises.   ---   Sarada Natarajan.


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