As the sun is showering his unconditional love for us with the weather ranging between 36-39 Celsius, we humans can't help hide in nooks and corners of the barely shading tree to avoid sun tan or the worst sun stroke. Here are more ways to keep the various aliments,summer has to offer.

10 ways to beat the summer are:

1. Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids like fruit juices, water, butter milk or even jal-jeera. the body tends to dehydrate due to excessive amount of sweating, because of this the body loses vital nutrients, which leads to weakness, immunity issues, skin related problems and weight gain. Drink at least 7-9 glasses of water, you can opt for flavored water by adding a piece of fruit to the water. Make sure you stay away from aerated drinks, minimize tea, coffee and alcohol in-take.

2. Skin care: At one point or the other we have all come across problems with skin during the summer time, either due to swimming in the pool or sweating. The first thing one needs to look into is the clothing, wear loose, airy and sweat absorbing clothes like cotton, jute and add color to your wardrobe too with bright colors. second important thing one needs to note is the use talcum powder, It helps prevent excessive sweating, keeps the body cool when rubbed against cloths and prevents prickly heat rash.

3. Sunglasses: did you know that harsh UV rays causes wrinkles around your eyes and increases the chances of cataract. Since you know now, try wearing sunglasses when ever you step out in the sun.

4. Sunscreen: The harsh summer weather causes several skin based issues which starts appearing in the long run like the skin discoloration, premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and facial brown spots. In order to prevent all these, one needs to apply generous amount of sunscreen. When selecting the right kind of sunscreen, keep certain things in mind like the product make - water based solution, SPF strength, waterproof or not and always choice according to your skin type, i.e oily skin, dry skin, normal skin.

5. Face wash: Make sure you wash you face and neck at least twice a day as it helps remove impurities and prevents any breakouts caused by oil and dirt. post face wash moisturizer your face to prevent dry skin.

6. Supplements: Don't forget to take your daily vitamins, B-complex, vitamin C and Omega 3 etc are very important vitamins, they are necessary for everyday functioning of the body.

7. Sunburn: To fight the peeling of the skin , redness and painful sting caused due to harsh UV rays, use these remedies to reduce sun burn
a) baking soda +water , make it into a paste like consistency and apply to the burn area.
b) Aloe vera, apply the paste of aloe vera directly on the burnt area, the properties of it will sooth the pain and help in recovery.

8. SAD: Seasonal affective disorder: commonly known as summer blues and summer depression. It symptoms include nausea, overeating, craving for carbohydrate products and oversleep. Get in touch with a doctor to receive right treatment.

9.  Exercise: No matter what season it is, the best way to stay fit and healthy is by exercising, you could either hit the gym, pool or even the closest yoga center. This is the best way to stay agile year-long.

10. Food: Ditch those spicy pickles and indulge in some nature's bounty of fruits and vegetables, this way you will avoid a lot heartburn as well as indigestion problems.

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