Whom did Pawan Vote in MAA Elections ?

Movie Artistes Association (MAA) elections are promising to be a cliffhanger kind of show.For the first ever time in MAA's history, elections are being held for the post of the presidency. Veteran actress Jayasudha and senior actor Rajendra Prasad is vying for the post.

Its known that Jayasudha was backed by Murali Mohan and Rajendra Prasad have the support of Nagababu. The MAA elections have become a prestigious affair for two groups that are supporting a candidate each and each one is making statements to support their candidate.

Now an interesting debate is doing rounds among film fatenrity and it was about support of Power star Pawan Kalyan.Pawan is also an active member of MAA and his fans are curious to know the actor's stand on the two panels, Jayasudha's or Rajendra Prasad's.

Two groups are important for Pawan as Rajendra Prasad was supported by his brother Nagababu and Jayasudha got support of TDP leader Murali Mohan.If Pawan support Rajendra Prasad then it will be treated as indication that Pawan is upset with the TDP but if it is otherwise then it is a loud signal to fans about the obvious rift in the Mega family. So Pawan need to be more careful here. Many saying that might skip the election.

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