Why Bring Pawan Into This?

The voting for the MAA elections may have been over, but supporters of Jayasudha and Rajendra Prasad still continue with their banter. Hema from Jayasudha's camp, who recently criticized Nagababu this time choose Shivaji Raja.

Ridiculing Shivaji Raja's statement that he would help the poor artistes' if elected as general secretary Hema said, "He should help his family first. How can a person who neglected his own parents do any justice to others?" Shivaji Raja responded to his by calling Hema, a 'rusty old engine'.

An infuriated Hem rushed to Banjara Hills Police station and lodged a complaint against Shivaji Raja. "Is this the way to speak about a woman? I just said that he should first feed his own parents and then come to our homes but he responds in such a demeaning manner.

When I told Rajendra Prasad about this, he just sat in his car and drove away," thundered Hema. Now comes the interesting part! "If required, I will sit in front of Pawan Kalyan's house on a dharna till I get justice," said Hema. Now what in the name of God does Pawan Kalyan have to do with this whole episode? Why should Hema unnecessarily drag his name into the issue? She just seems to be reveling in the limelight.

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