Why Will She Trust Him A Second Time?

The news about their relationship was splashed all over the media. Later, the news about their impending wedding made headlines. But at the nth minute, Prabhu Deva conveniently dumped her and announced that nothing can separate him from his wife.

Naturally, not only did it result in heart break, it also meant days of public ridicule and sarcastic comments from media. Now, if he wants to return to her, will she be foolish enough to let him back into her life?

Talk from Tamil industry is that a middleman had approached Nayanatara saying that Prabhudeva was terribly sorry about what happened and that he was in the correction mode a la Bachna Ae Haseeno style.

Also, it is already known that Prabhudeva had done the same to other heroines in the past and had even confessed the same to one section of media. There was a time when heroes like Simbu, Arya were pretty close to Nayanatara.

So it is said that if a day had to come, she would rather forgive them, but surely not Prabhudeva. Already, news is out that Nayanatara is preparing to get married to a man settled by her parents.

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