Small Spiritual Snippet

Give More Time to God 

Choose which habits you are going to destroy in the New Year. Make up your mind about them and stick to your decision. Resolve to give more time to God: to meditate regularly every day, and on one night each week to meditate several hours, so that you can feel your spiritual progress in God. Resolve that you are going to practise Kriyayoga regularly and that you are going to control your appetites and emotions. Be a master! Make up your mind strongly now.

Think of the good resolutions you have made in the past -- that you were not going to be dictated to by your old habits and thoughts. But have you kept them? It is an insult to your sol and to God to give in to your weaknesses. Be master of yourself, captain of your destiny. Danger and you were born together, and you are elder brother more dangerous than danger! Do not lose the courage and determination that you feel as you listen to me now. Pray with me: 

"Heavenly Father, give us the strength to carry out all our good resolutions in the New Year. May we always please Thee by our actions. Our spirits are willing. Help us to materialize all our worthy wishes in the New Year. We will reason, we will will, we will act; but guide Thou our reason, will, and activity to the right thing that we should do in everything. Aum. Peace. Amen."

-- Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

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