Telangana State police paid a tearful farewell to constable Nagaraju who died fighting two suspected members of the banned Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Saturday encounter in Nalgonda district.
A pall of gloom descended on the remote village of Rasoolgudem in Kattangur mandal after constable Nagaraju's body was bought here for last rites. Nagaraju was married just three months ago. No one were able to console the brave constable wife . Amid senior state level police officials Nagaraju last rituals were performed with honour. Additional DGP Sudeep Lakhtakia also attended the funeral of Nagaraju on behalf of Telangana Director General of Police Anurag Sharma.
On Saturday, two suspected SIMI assailants namely Jakir and Aslam were killed in 2 hour chase and shoot-out. The encounter which killed the two terrorists also took life of constable Nagaraju and SI Siddaih is critically injured. SI Siddaih is on ventilator in Kamineni hospital.


Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu sought a meeting with the Telangana counterpart and wanted Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to moderate it so that an amicable solution could be found to the vexed issue of entry tax.
Talking to mediapersons he said he had discussed issues of the state governance post bifurcation and the state of economy.
He said the center was positive to help the state He also criticized the Telangana government of its non-compliance of the provisions of AP bifurcation act. He said when Hyderabad was a common capital, there shouldn't be any entry tax.
The construction of new High Court would be taken up as per the provisions of the AP reorganisation Act.The details of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh would be revealed by June after the completion of the master plan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi would inaugurate the Polavaram and New Capital City works, he stated. Talking about Pattiseema he said-whosoever has raised objections towards it are doing so for their own selfish political reasons. Pattiseem project has the potential to get the Rayalaseem rid of draught permanently, he stated


Easter greetings to everyone.
May this day further the spirit of harmony and brotherhood in society, The teachings of Jesus Christ inspire entire humanity. Let us pledge ourselves to create a world that is just, compassionate and joyful" Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi greeted India in two separate tweets on Easter Sunday, celebrated on the account of the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.


A Boeing 777-300ER Air India flight from Newark-Mumbai had to make an emergency landing back at the Newark Liberty International Airport due to a serious engine trouble.
The Flight contained over 250 passengers, Air Indian spokesperson stated that "The flight had taken off for Mumbai at around 1650 hours (US time) and landed back at Newark (US) after being airborne for about two hours due to violent vibrations in one of the engines of the Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft".
The engine trouble began after the flight was 29,000 feet in the air, the reverberation were so strong that the blades in the engine were fractured due to it. the pilot even required to dispose of 60 tonnes of fuel along with engine being in idle state for the plane to do a safe landing.
The pilot's decision to return back to the airport for the safety of the passengers averted a huge disaster.
The source added "The pilot had to dump some 60 tonnes of fuel and keep the engine idle for a safe landing under the "serious" situation".
The passengers were then transferred to Delhi bound flight.


New Delhi: A Delhi man in his late 30's was beaten to death after a road mishap in Delhi lateon Sunday night.
The road rage incident, which took the life of 38-yr-old Shahnawaz, took place around 11:30 p.m on Sunday. Shahnawaz lives in I.P. Estate area in central Delhi, was travelling with his family on a bike. His bike accidentally hit a car near Turkman Gate. Angered people in the car beat him up after a heated argument. Shahnawaz was rushed to a hospital where he was declared brought dead. The police have registered a case and assured the family of Shahnawaz that culprits would be brought to book at the earliest.


Miami (USA): Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis are in line to win their second title in a row as they breezed into the final of the Miami Open with a straight sets win over Timea Babos and Kristina Mladenovic.
The top seeded Indo-Swiss pair  got the better of seventh seeds 6-2 6-4 in the semifinals of the USD 5,381,235, WTA Premier tournament. In the summit clash, they will take on Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina, whom they had defeated in the final of the BNP Paribas Open two weeks ago. The No.2-seeded Makarova and Vesnina beat No.9 seeds Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka 6-4 6-2.


Rahul Dravid, Mentor of Rajasthan Royals said that the franchise has taken strong steps to prevent any fixing from happening unlike in 2013.
But the players also should keep themselves away from any probing he said.
"We do follow the rules of IPL strictly. The rules laid down by the ACSU (Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of IPL). There are some protocols in place. There is a system in place which try and prevent a lot of these things from happening again, The IPL took a lesson from the issues of match-fixing and spot-fixing. RR is alert and on vigil and we will try our best to stop such menace. Also its the responsibility of the individuals and they also have to be vigil and alert against such issues."Dravid said at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera.
It was in the 2013 IPL that former pacer SS Sreesanth was arrested for spot fixing. He was banned from playing for life by BCCI.


Serbian top seed Novak Djokovic won his fifth Masters title on Sunday
 He won over Scotland's Andy Murray 7-6 (3), 4-6 and 6-0 at Key Biscayne.
Though Djokovic was not in his best form the hot day in Miami, He did demonstrate his competitive spirit in the match lasting two hours and 47 minutes.Miami, where this match was held anyways was his winning space in 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2014..
Murray, was defeated by Djokovic in the semifinals at Indian Wells two weeks ago, he had much more trouble tolerating the heat and humidity, Yet he started out aggressively and broke Djokovic's serve in the first set's third game. However, Djokovic returned the favour immediately and then dominated the tie-break to take the set.
The pair delivered some great tennis in the second set but Murray looked like he deserved the 4-6 win when he broke Djokovic.
Djokovic lost his cool and resorted to code violation after that set, But he did regain his composure and broke Murray in the third set's first game and roared up until he secured the 6-0 win in the third set for the title.
Djokovic has defeated Murray in their last 10 hard-court matches and has racked up an overall 18-8 record against him.
Djokovic also had  won at Indian Wells and at the Australian Open this year.


Miami: Top-seeded Indo-Swiss pair Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis went on to win one more trophy by bagging Miami Open on Sunday.
Capturing her 25th WTA doubles title, Sania and Hingis won over Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina in Miami Open finals. The sluggish start on Russian pair saw the Indo-Swiss pair trailing but soon the duo turned the tables winning the title. The pair, which didn't lose a single match till now, will jump six places to third spot in the Singapore doubles leadership board. Sania Mirza took a giant leap towards becoming world Number One player in the doubles by pocketing 1000 ranking points in this tournament. The Indo-Swiss pair won against the same Russian pair to win Indian Wells.


Latest figures published about the MNREGA are disquieting. Funding has been slashed by about half, states have wage bills they cannot clear because of delays in disbursements by the Centre, and hardly any state has managed to provide the mandated 100 days per year to this job card-holders in any year since its inception. The slack implementation and leakages have affected the poor, and this is bad news in a year when the weather has played havoc , writes Mahesh Vijapurkar

During his 18-year chairmanship of the Maharashtra Legislative Council (1960-78), Gandhian politician VS Page wielded influence on the government but it was an uphill task to persuade VP Naik, the Chief Minister, to launch a pro-poor scheme. The idea was simple, already demonstrated in Tasgaon taluk of Sangli district, Tasgaon is where farm labour and even farmers during droughts could seek and get work, be it breaking stones on the roadsides. It’s the Employment Guarantee Scheme, funded by a cess on salaries of the employed in the formal sector, and others paying sales tax.
In the evening of his life, seeing its mal-administration – mainly corruption and insensitivity – he had once lamented, “I’d rather see the shradh of my baby than bear it”. It had gone through several changes, including the surreptitious use of contractors and machinery. Leakages in wages hurt him. Most of the unused funds disappeared into a black hole instead of keeping in an escrow as a statute required. No one knows where over Rs 15,000 cr , a conservative estimate at that, disappeared, though officially, it is “unspent, but unavailable.” EGS’ broad contours were the model for MNREGA.
This fall back is not available to other states though it must be pointed out that even Maharashtra complains the allocations from the Centre have been delayed. It can write cheques on the humungous unspent fund sums but it dare not because they have been quietly parcelled away into other uses. The state, as required under the 1976 law governing EGS, the state continues to provide a matching grant equal to the levy on the employed and sales tax, but it is all on paper, obviously.
Latest figures published about the MNREGA are as disquieting as the EGS was to Page. Funding has been slashed by about half, states have wage bills they cannot clear because of delays in disbursements by the Centre, and hardly any state has managed to provide the mandated 100 days per year to this job card-holders in any year since its inception. However, slack implementation and leakages have affected the poor, and this is bad news in a year when the weather has played havoc – untimely rains, hailstorms etc.
If the governments use the ploy of saying the demand for work is diminishing, it would be a lie because its unreliability can be one major cause for driving people to look for alternative livelihoods which in most cases mean migration to the nearest urban location. Bigger the cities, stronger the attraction for they can offer something or the other to live yet just another day. As summer intensifies, and farm work disappears even for the person who is committed to a farmer, the dilution or absence of MNREGA will be felt acutely.
Reports of farmer suicides from across the country other than Vidarbha, considered the suicide hotspot of the country, mainly because of unrelenting media attention on Vidarbha, shows that it is not just the farm hands but the farmers themselves are in acute distress. Scarcity of water, consequently the impact on farming, grazing lands and fodder, and the burden of farm animals move into a cycle of woes due to which the entire rural economy goes into a spin.
Containing consequence is huge, even if it is by now a routine event calling for steps, and Maharashtra legislature has heard complaints about how low-level officials and banks in connivance have delayed payments cleared for normal drought relief to farmers. This is something possible in all sectors where the state has to provide for the victims of situations not of their own making, and in no state is MNREGA from such practices- inefficiency to rent -seeking.
No doubt, the EGS in Maharashtra, which, theoretically comes into play after the MNREGA, and it, has no moral right whatsoever to complain about truncated allocations or even slow dispersal by the Centre but other states do not have that scope. If the Centre does not pay the bills in time, the states carry the cross and get blamed which is unfortunate. New Delhi cannot remain at an arm’s length from the consequences of downsizing the statutory programme.


A recent study conducted at Lund University in Sweden stated that eating Yogurt and cheese may reduce the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.
The study also stated that excessive consumption meat will increase the chance of diabetes. According to the study, people who regularly consumed high fat dairy products had lower chances of developing type 2 by 23 percent.
Ulrika Ericson, conducted the study stated that ""The researchers studied the eating habits of 27,000 individuals aged 45 to 74. The participants took part in the Malmo Diet and Cancer study in the early 1990s, in which they provided details of their eating habits. Twenty years on, over ten per cent - 2,860 people had developed type 2 diabetes".
The study focused on various sources of fat from both meat and dairy products that contained saturated fat. The saturated fatty acids are common in dairy products and were the link in reducing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.
Ericson added "However, we have not ruled out the possibility that other components of dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese may have contributed to our results. We have taken into account many dietary and lifestyle factors in our analysis, such as fermentation, calcium, vitamin D and physical activity. However, there may be other factors that we have not been able to measure that are shared by those who eat large quantities of high-fat dairy products. Moreover, different food components can interact with each other. For example, in one study, saturated fat in cheese appeared to have less of a cholesterol-raising effect than saturated fat in butter. Our results suggest that we should not focus solely on fat, but rather consider what foods we eat. Many foodstuffs contain different components that are harmful or beneficial to health, and it is the overall balance that is important".


A recent study showcased that women eating healthy diet during their teenage age does not curb their junk food craving in later part of life.
The study published in FASEB Journal established the connection that junk food craving is actually based on the mother's diet during the late pregnancy period.
Jessica Gugusheff, a researcher at University of Adelaide in Australia stated "There are two critical windows during the developmental pathway to adulthood when exposure to junk food is most harmful, particularly for female offspring, Our research suggests that too much junk food consumed late in pregnancy for humans has the potential to be more harmful to the child than excess junk food early in the pregnancy".
She added "Importantly, it also indicates that if excess junk food was consumed by the mother in those early stages of pregnancy, there may be a chance to reduce those negative effects on the baby by eating a healthy diet in late pregnancy".
The second most important time-frame that escalate craving is during pubescence. She said "We have found differences between males and females. Our experiments showed that eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse the junk-food preference in males but not females".
The inclination towards junk food depends on the desensitisation of the normal reward system (the opioid and dopamine signalling pathway) which is further induced by high fat and sugar diet.
The children with lower inclination towards rewards system require the same amount of fat and sugar to achieve good feeling. "This brain area grows at its fastest during these critical windows and is therefore most susceptible to alteration at these times" the researcher added.


A typical hyderabadi comedy play presented by Udaan Performing arts at Lamakaan on April 5. The play directed and translated by Saurabh Gharipurikar, Yogesh Soman wrote the original play and the performing artistes were Rahul Reddy and Varsha Kuchmanchi

The play perfectly captured an everyday dialogue between a couple that is struggling to make everyday needs meet. It embodies the tensions faced by parents with two unwed daughters, middle class aspiration of buying 3-4 grams of gold, searching for alternative source of funds and without doubt cursing the mother-in-law for all the ills that befall.
Rahul Reddy plays the husband who works at a bank, He is also a yoga enthusiastic and a man who dreams of wearing a jumpsuit to blend into the rich class. Rahul’s impeccable performance left everyone in the audience wanting for more.
Varsha Kuchmanchi portrayed the wife’s character, She kept the audience captivated for 45 mins with her taunts on her mother-in-law to the color of her husband’s skin. She was the epitome of a typical home-maker, who nags and worries about everything.
Both the husband wife explore their options to improve their current standard of living by discussing various opportunities like opening a catering business, performing an organized crime to even becoming a politician.
By the end of the play, the audience left with a huge smile on their faces and a little stomach-ache from all the non-stop laughter. No wonder these artists got a standing ovation from the crowd. Overall a great play put together by the Udaan team


The biggest search engine, Google is peeved with the recent turn of events that transpired at CNNIC, China's biggest web registrar and cited "Bad Behavior".

The China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) issued several HTTPS certificates without proper preliminary check done, Hence an  Egyptian web company carried out man-in-the-middle attack via HTTPS certificates it was given by CNNIC.
Google stated that it would not accept any new HTTPS certificates however the current ones will continue to function. It will remove the registrar out of the SSL system which is used to secure the web. HTTPS certificates make sure that the web content is not intercepted in transit, CNNIC was liable for this entire process on the Chinese web.
The CNNIC cited this allow situation as "unintelligible" and "unacceptable". It has already started working on the alternatives to resolve the issue as early as possible.
On the other hand, The Chinese government deter the usage of HTTPS to bolster the Great Firewall.


Job opportunities in India are expected to grow at the fastest pace globally as 78 per cent of finance leaders believe that growth in existing businesses will add to the creation of jobs, says a survey.
According to the survey by American Express, carried out in partnership with CFO Research, across the globe employment prospects appear the brightest in India as 78 per cent of respondents predict greater rise in employment. In the US, 61 per cent of respondents said they believe so and for China the figure stood at 50 per cent.
 As with the economic outlook, India is at the top of the list of countries anticipating rising employment. However, the survey points to the shortage of skilled positions, American Express Country Business Head, Global Corporate Payments Saru Kaushal said.
As per the report, 22 per cent of respondents from India pointed to shortage in skilled positions We are confident that with the government's increased focus to make India Job Ready, this gap will be bridged soon, Kaushal added. According to 29 per cent of those polled from India, headcount in their companies has increased at a faster clip than their revenues while 48 per cent said that the two had increased at about the same pace. About 37 per cent of executives in Asia and Australia region expect employment to improve while 23 per cent expect it to worsen. In Japan, 29 per cent respondent expect employment to improve. 
Around 39 per cent of respondents from Australia and 31 per cent from Hong Kong expect a decline in jobs, the survey said.


Android applications available on Windows/ linuxPC, Mac and chromebook thanks to google. The company confluence of Chrome and Android allows users to download Android application package (APK) for an existing App to launch it.
The user will require to download the ARC welder app and get the APK from Google's Play Store. The only drawback is that only one app can beloaded at a time and the option of landscape or portrait layout will be given to the user to select when they want to use the app on Phone or-tablet.
Multiple apps can be loaded by opting for Zip option in Arc Welder and extracting it, and enable it using  extension developer mode to load the folder for the extraction  APK.
Certain Google services are also supported, the Developers have to optimize their apps for ARC.


Berne/New Delhi: After many countries have launched probes into money laundering and inflow of illicit money into the Swiss banks, the Swiss government has now chosen to act.
The European nation has stepped up its supervisory and enforcement efforts to keep away the illicit funds from its banking system
This comes in the wake of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) report which stated asset outflow and tax status of many of their clients are inappropriate. The report also accepted that the banking industry has seen many examples of unacceptable business conduct, manipulation of stock prices and foreign exchange markets and aggressive conduct in cross-border wealth management, all of which were absorbed in 2014. While US has already launched its high-profile criminal investigations, German and France governments are set to follow. Even though there are few deals and double taxations, many countries are facing a major setbacks due to this illicit money and have decided to combat money laundering activities. With the latest, India and Israel have threatened Swiss that even they will start criminal proceedings against Swiss banks. 
In order to maintain flourished economy and friendship ties, the Swiss government is preparing take up steps to stop illicit funds flowing in Swiss banks.


The French Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) said on Friday April 03 that the Second Black Box data of the crashed Germanwings Airbus A320 re-affirms that the co-pilot, Andrew Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane while flying over the French Alps , Killing 150 people.

"A first reading shows that the pilot in the cockpit used the automatic pilot to descend the plane towards an altitude of 100 feet (30 metres). Then, several times during the descent, the pilot changed the automatic pilot settings to increase the aircraft's speed," the BEA said in its statement.
The second black box of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed on March 24 was found on Thursday by French gendarmes. It was examined after it was taken to the headquarters of the BEA, which was also responsible for analyzing the audio in the cockpit recorded by the first black box. The analysis of the black box data is still on process. The investigators are trying to track down the chronology of events that took place on the flight, en route from Barcelona in Spain to Dusseldorf in Germany.
The second black box recorded the last 25 hours of technical flight data, such as speed, altitude, and pilot mode.


The Iraqi government declared triumph over the Islamic State group on Wednesday at Tikrit. However, the victory is over shadowed by looting and revenge.
Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi was walking down the streets of Tikrit waving Iraqi flag in his hand. The victory over Tikrit is an important step to weaken the forces of militants as well as it helps in infiltration at Mosul, Iraq's second largest city.
Prime Minster stated "We have the pleasure, with all our pride, to announce the good news of a magnificent victory, Here we come to you, Anbar! Here we come to you, Nineveh, and we say it with full resolution, confidence, and persistence,".
He added "After clearing the area from roadside bombs and car bombs, we will reopen police stations to restore normalcy in the city, and we will form committees to supervise the return of people displaced from their homes,"
According to the Al-Abadi, the military is currently removing all the booby traps from the city to avoid any causalities.
The Defense Minster Khaild al-Obeidi congratulated the security forces on their triumph.
U.S. government aided the Iraqi government in recapturing the city, they had led the air-strikes in the region.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated that the U.S strategy is working against eliminating ISIS militants. "What is clear is that over the last five days, this strategy of backing up Iraqi security forces that are multisectarian in nature with coalition airstrikes is a pretty powerful combination,"


Islamabad: Pakistan's former president and dictator Pervez Musharraf has challenged a non-bailable arrest warrant issued against him in case of murder of a former Lal Masjid cleric, media reported on Saturday.
On Tuesday, Islamabad additional district and sessions court judge Wajid Ali issued the non-bailable warrant against Musharraf following his repeated absence from the trial for the murder of Lal Masjid's former cleric Abdul Rasheed Ghazi.

The case was filed against the tenth president of Pakisthan for the murder of the cleric and his mother during the Red Mosque operation of 2007 during his tenure. The cleric was killed when army commandos stormed the mosque in the capital on Musharraf's orders.
Pervez Musharraf is a retired four-star rank army general who came to power in a bloodless coup in 1999, until tendering resignation to avoid impeachment in 2008.
Cases on Musharraf till now:
*Musharraf is facing murder charges in the case of Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in 2007. He is on bail in the case.
*He is been indicted in a high treason case in March last year for suspending, subverting and abrogating the Constitution and imposing an emergency in Pakistan in November 2007, the first army chief to face such a prosecution.
*He is been charged in the judges' detention case


New Delhi: India continued to evacuate its stranded citizens from the war torn Yemen.
Till now 806 Indian nationals have headed home on board three flights. For the past three days, The Indian army in collaboration with Indian Navy is evacuating stranded Indians in Yemen. More than 4000 Indians are stranded in Yemen. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj assured that all Indians would be evacuated from the strife-torn Gulf country irrespective of whether they had travel documents or not.
The massive evacuation program can be followed in the Twitter handle of External affairs minister. Two C-17 Globemaster transport planes of the Indian Air Force were set to land at Mumbai - one carrying 225 passengers set to land at 9.45 p.m. and another ferrying 229 passengers to land at a quarter past midnight. An Air India flight would reach Kochi with 352 passengers at a quarter past midnight. Ministry of Home has given two passenger ships Kavaratti and Corals to carry 1100 passengers. The Indian Navy has deployed 3 warships INS Sumitra, INS Mumbai and INS Tarkash. 
The minister also informed that the Indian Navy had evacuated three Pakistani nationals from the Yemeni port Hodeidah and that Pakistani authorities had in turn helped evacuate 11 Indians from Makala.


Nalgonda: Cops on Saturday encountered the assailants whose firing at 11pm in Suryapet Hitech bus-stand on Wednesday took the lives of two police-men and left two other cops injured.
In a fresh round of firing on Saturday morning in Janakipuram of Motkuru, Police killed two assailants in an encounter. The police were tracking the movements of assailants after Wednesday firing. The photo grab from CC TV footage in Suryapet bus-stop helped cops nab the criminals. Even though the criminals were suspected as Bihar men, now the police feel that they are a separate assailation group.
The police also recovered two pistols from the site. In this firing, Constable Nagaraju and CI Siddhque lost their lives. On Wednesday, the four policemen were conducting routine frisking in the buses when two unidentified persons opened fire. They fired four shots killing constable Lingayya and home-guard Mahesh and injured CI Mogilayya and constable arvind.


The police have put up a gallant act not even fearing for their lives and have stood inspirational to everybody said Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Roa regarding the Surya pet firing and the aftermath of it. The police were at their best in curtailing the anti-social elements, Life sacrifice of constables Lingaya, Nagaraju, and Home-guard Mahesh were of the highest order he acknowledged

The three of them would be cherished in the hearts of Telangana people he added. The martyred police families would be fully supported by the government 
and the costs to treat and cure the injured police officers would also be borne by the Government, KCR promised. He enquired the situated police authorities about the injured police and stated that the Telangana government would take strong actions against any anti-social elements. He also expressed  his condolences to the martyred police families. 


The Telangana police are expressing doubt that the two terrorist Aslam Ayub and Jakir Hussain that died in the Nalgonda District, Surya pet firing incident on Saturday, April 04 could have taken shelter in Tada areas of Nellore district.
Their involvement in the Chennai bomb blasts is also being investigated. The police have sent the photos of accused to the Nellore police to gather more information
The intelligence authorities had alerted the Nellore police in January 2015 of the SIMI  terrorist movement in  Nellore district. basing on it, the Nellore police announced high-alert in Sri Hari Kota, Sri city and Tada areas of the district and conducted searches too. The intelligence authorities also reported the AP police of the Chennai Bomb blast accused taking shelter in the AP-TN border in January. The border police force since then has been alert to any information or trace of the activists
The photos of the escaped Terrorists from the Chennai bomb blasts Jakir Hussain, Amjad, Fiazuddin, Maheboob uddhu had also been posted to the Tada Police by the Intelligence bureau right after the incident. The Tada police had conducted extensive search to trace the terrorists at Srihari Kota, Sri city and industrial area of Tada. They also hiked the security at SHAR since then. It's alarming that two among them were the ones that died in the Nalgonda district Surya Pet firing


Telangana State police paid a tearful farewell to constable Nagaraju who died fighting two suspected members of the banned Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Saturday encounter in Nalgonda district.

A pall of gloom descended on the remote village of Rasoolgudem in Kattangur mandal after constable Nagaraju's body was bought here for last rites. Nagaraju was married just three months ago. No one were able to console the brave constable wife . Amid senior state level police officials Nagaraju last rituals were performed with honour. Additional DGP Sudeep Lakhtakia also attended the funeral of Nagaraju on behalf of Telangana Director General of Police Anurag Sharma.
On Saturday, two suspected SIMI assailants namely Jakir and Aslam were killed in 2 hour chase and shoot-out. The encounter which killed the two terrorists also took life of constable Nagaraju and SI Siddaih is critically injured. SI Siddaih is on ventilator in Kamineni hospital.



Felines Cat`s

Quote for April 6

Do unto others as though you were the others.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Gandhi Telegram To Tagore

When RabindranathTagore turned 80, (May 7,1941) Gandhi sent him a telegram: "Four score is not enough. May you finish five." Tagore's reply was prompt: "Four score is enough. Five is intolerable,"

I had the good fortune to know of this telegram when I visited Santiniketan and it's museum a few weeks ago with my brother's family from Kolkata