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The mind of an individual is confined to three schools of thought. The bottom level is at a school level and it represents Deham(body) and the middle level is at a college level and it signifies Gruham(house) and the top level is at a University level and it signifies Jagath (world). In terms of severity of confinement the order is exactly in the reverse way.
Jivan Mukta is one who obtains Mukti (freedom) from the above said three schools of thought when one is very much alive. Precisely speaking a person is said to be in Jivan Mukta Sthiti when he/she is free from Jagath Bhaavana/Braanti, Gruha Bhaavana/Braanti and Deha Bhaavana/ Braanti when one is very much alive.
The above state of mind can compared to a bird flying in the sky with the Absolute Knowledge (Brahma Jhnanam) and Vairagyam (dispassion) as its two wings. Bhakti(devotion to Eswara) is the name of such a bird. The one and only way to attain that state of mind is to unite Buddi(intellect) which is subjected to the virus namely Dvaitam (Dualism) with Sat(Ekam and Nityam) under the Krupa(grace) of a Sat Guru. Once Buddi embraces Sat/Ekam/Nityam then an individual would be free from Jagath (Mithya) Bhaavam. Due to this enlightenment, the individual would realize that Gruham(Home) is a dungeon/dark well. Further the individual would realize that the sensual pleasures are temporary and end up with misery and frustration and start neglecting Deham(Anityam). This Virakti(dispassion) towards Deham sets Deha Moham(attachment) to zero value. Once Deha Moham vanishes, the mind of that individual stops undergoing Vikaaram (Vikruta Aakaaram)/ transformation. This enlightened/elevated state of mind is called Nischalatattvam(mind without displacement like a hill). The reason being that the mind would be in a thoughtless/desire free (Vikaara Rahita Sthiti) state. Then the mind (Hrudayam) would transform in to Poornam/ Padmam(lotus flower). When once Jhnana Bhaskara Kiranamulu(rays) fall on it due to unification of Buddi with Sat(Ekam), the Hrudaya Padmam bosoms and Ajhnamam(darkness) in the form of Jiva Bhaavam(difference of feeling as I and You) vanishes and Eswara Bhaavam takes over/prevails. This state of a Jiva (individual) is known as Jivan Mukta Sthiti as a Jiva(individual) attains Mukti(freedom) from Jagath Bhaavam and Gruha Bhaavam and Deha Bhaavam.

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