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I do not have any exposure to any Vedam just like the Sri(spider) which provided a protection cover to Eswara like an umbrella.
I have never studied any Saastram just like the Kaalam(snake) which became an Aabharanam (ornament) to Eswara.
I have never been to any school just like the Hasti (elephant) which performed Abhishekam(Bath) to Eswara.
I have never known any Mantram(set of words embedded with power) for doing Eswara Japam(mediation) just like the Chenchu (hunter) who donated his eyes to Eswara when the eyes of Eswara started shedding tears.
I do not have any Bhaavam(thought) in my Hrudayam (mind) other than Eswara Bhaavam because I do not know anything other than Eswara.
Sri Kaalahasti Eswara appears to Mano Lochanamulu in the form of Aalochanalu (Bhaavamulu) that Eswara is Adhipati(owner) of Pasu Vaahanam and I am that Pasu Vaahanam carrying Eswara.

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Nandi is Eswara Abhhi Mukham in any Sivaalayam.
When we are in Sivaalayam, we would be also Eswara Abhi Mukham.
When we bow down to Nandi, Nandi as
Eswara Abhi Mukham and as the first one to be counted among the devotees of Eswara like a Firewall grants Anujhna (permission) to us through enlightening our Buddi(intellect) to realize that Eswara is Pasu Pati and Nirvikaaram and we are all Pasuvulu (animals) as we are always (24*7) mentally engrossed in the four instincts(Vikaaramulu) namely Aaharam, Nidra,Bhayam and Mithunam just like the animals and we are all carrying Eswara as Atma/Saakshe.

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