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From Aurobindo, on Vedas - A few excerpts by "Dr Ravishankar Sangem" ravisangem
Rug Veda 1.164.46 by "Dr Ravishankar Sangem" ravisangem
ESWARA HRUDAYAM by swamypvap


Wed Mar 7, 2018 12:35 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Dr Ravishankar Sangem" ravisangem

Below From Aurobindo Collected Wotrks Vol. p 17 The Scholars.. Vol i4
Sri Aurobindo's "The Secret of the Veda with Selected Hymns".
6 Gita XV.15.
Vedas are basiclly CONCERNED WITH  Spirituality-Divine (Aadhyathmika daiva Chintana –Daiva Shakti)

O TRANSLATE the Veda is to border upon an attempt at the impossible. For while a literal English rendering of the hymns of the ancient Illuminates would be a falsification of their sense and spirit, a version which aimed at bringing all the real thought to the surface would be an interpretation rather than a translation. I have essayed a sort of middle path,— a free and plastic form which shall follow the turns of the original and yet admit a certain number of interpretative devices sufficient for the light of the Vedic truth to gleam out from its veil of symbol and image.
The Veda is a book of esoteric symbols, almost of spiritual formulae, there are 3 MAIN principles of existence and the seven Puranic worlds correspond to them with sufficient precision, 

1. Pure Existence—Sat World of the highest truth of being (Satyaloka)
2. Pure Consciousness— World of infinite Will or con-Chit scious force (Tapoloka)
3. Pure Bliss—Ananda World of creative delight of existence (Janaloka)
The Rishi ( drashta of the Hymn) prays to the divine Flame to work in him by the triple force of Power, Knowledge and Delight.

Wed Mar 7, 2018 1:26 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Dr Ravishankar Sangem" ravisangem


Rug 1.25.2

"Mano Vadhyaya hathnave jiheelanaya reeradhaha,maa   hrunanaanasya manyave".

Oh god, due to ignorance if any person through  insults me/us, kindly do not allow me to kill him or exhibit wrath when he repents for his bad act 

Wed Mar 7, 2018 1:26 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Dr Ravishankar Sangem" ravisangem


"Indra,Mithram Vaunamaagni  mahuryo dvyaha, sa supurno garuthman,Ekam saddipraa bahudha vadantyagnim  yamam maatharishvana mahu" 

The Supreme Spirit is the protector  of all. He pervades and gives light. He is called Indra or Gloriuos, Mithra or friendly, Varuna or thegreatest – the best Agni or adorable, Yama or Ruler/Controller, Maatharishva orthe mighty (some of His other names are Aditya, Vayu, Chandrama, Shukra, Brahma, Apaha, Prajapati). His different names denote different attributes of the sameSupreme.          

Wed Mar 7, 2018 5:17 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam

Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter 7 Hymn 0095 to 0112 - YouTube

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Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter 7 Hymn 0095 to 0112 - YouTube

The Rig Veda is a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns counted among the four Hindu religious texts known as the V...



Om Namo NarayanayaDr. M. R. Ravi

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Wed Mar 7, 2018 6:05 am (PST) . Posted by:


Rama Namam is Anantam(infinite in time and space) and Amrutam(Nectar). Any Namam has a limited count and has a limited time span unlike Rama Namam.
Man is a social animal. People belonging to the four branches (Aasramamulu) are inter dependent on each other. Evan a great person who embraced Sat Nyasam has to depend on a Gruhastu for Biksha. More over a man can not lead a life in loneliness unless he is a Mukta Karma Chayadu(great philosopher) like Suka Yogi.
Keeping the above facts in mind, people exchange their good wishes through saying JAI RAMJI KI when they meet each other and also send their good wishes to their relatives and friends who are away through the common friends/ relatives when they meet them by asking them to convey RAM RAM KAHANA in the form of a greeting message.
Also during Antima Yatra(last journey) of a dead person that is during the transition period of a Jiva from Iha Lokam to Para Lokam, people loudly say RAM NAM SACH HAI for the benefit of a Jiva who is on his way to Para Lokam and for the people around .
All the above facts prove beyond doubt that Rama Namam is very much relevant and of paramount importance whether a person is alive or dead. Rama Nama Amrutam is Eswara Prasaaditam in the capacity as Taaraka Mantram. Guru Daivam Hanuman as Rama Nama Amruta Pradaata holds the Kalasam(Utensil) containing Rama Rasaayanam in one of his ten hands of Pancha Mukha Swrupam. Maharshi Valmiki had Rama Nama Amruta Paanam. As per the words of SatGuru Goswamy Tulasidas Raja Rama never knew the power of Rama Namam. One cannot afford to forget Rama Namam even in dreams according to a great saint Sri Rama Dasu. Rama Namam is the greatest Sat Nidhi out of all treasures. Rama Namam gives Rama Bhakti(devotion) which empowers a devotee fly like a free bird with Absolute Jhnanam and Vairagyam as its wings in Chidaakaasam/Chidaanandam. Accordingly Rama Namam is Anantam/ Amrutam and Rama Bhakti Pradaayakam when a person is alive and Mukti Pradaayakam when a person has left the Deham(body) for his Para Loka Yatra.

Wed Mar 7, 2018 7:35 pm (PST) . Posted by:


Eswara is Sarva Vyapakam, Anantam and Achintyam.
Then the question is how to realize Eswara ?
The answer is to read the mind of Eswara?
What is Eswara Hrudayam ?
Eswara Hrudayam is Rama Charita Maanasam.
So to read the mind of Eswara means to read Rama Charita Maanasam.
Accordingly a Jijnaasu(true seeker) in quest of realization of Eswara who reads Rama Charita Maanasam, and loads it In Chittam(memory) and recollects it on regular basis and follows Dharmam as practiced by Prabhu Rama would realize Eswara as Atma/Sakshe.

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