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JIVANA LAKSHYAM by swamypvap


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The human life is a like a train journey as undertaken by a Jiva(individual).
This human life(Journey) has to reach its Gamyam(destination) before death occurs.
What is the destination(Lakshyam).?
The destination is Parama padam(ultimate station) and that is Paramaatmaka Lingam and this fact implies that a Jiva should become one(Ekam) with Siva as Layam before death happens.
Sareeram(body) signifies a train(body).
Jiva (individual) signifies a traveler performing the journey.
Dharmam as practiced by Prabhu Rama denotes the Railway track.
Sri Guru Hanuman holding Rama Paadam points out to the Guard holding the torch light and showing the route(Margam).
A traveler should hold Sri Rama Bhaavam in Hrudayam as the the valid ticket.
A Jiva(traveler) should chant Rama Namam continuously through out the journey as the food,water and air in order to ensure a safe and sound and a successful journey.
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