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Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:13 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Eswara is Sarva Vyapakam and Anantam.
Eswara is in Sarva Bhutamulu as Atma.
Temple stands for a abode of Eswara.
All famous temples are located on hills.
So to realize Eswara, a devotee has to transform his Deham(Body) in to Achalam (hill)/immovable .
To start with,a devotee under the grace of a Sat Guru has to make Buddi (intellect) free from the clutches of Deha Bhaavam/ Anitya Bhaavam/ignorance through uniting Buddi with Sat/Ekam/Nityam.
When once Buddi transforms into Sat Buddi/Atma Buddi, Manasu(mind) would stop undergoing Vikaaramulu/Vikruta Aakaaramulu(changes) and becomes like a hill(Achalam)(without movement),
When mind acquires the state of Nirvikaaram as Achalam, the five senses which are its subordinates would be ineffective.
When the five senses are non functional, the Deham(body) would be like a Jadham/ Jail (non living thing)
Then we would be enlightened to realize Eswara as Sarva Vypakam through realizing Eswara in Sarva Bhutamulu as a devotee is free from the trap namely Deham(body).
Hence the hill(Achalam) points out to us to treat this Deham as Achalam(hill) and realize Eswara/Atma as its Adheesam (installed on its top) as its Pati(Lord).

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Tapam is a process(Prakriya) which produces Taapam(heat).
Accordingly a Tapasvee generates Taapam(heat) due to Jhnana Agni(fire that is produced from Absolute knowledge which has been received from a Sat Guru) and burns Asti(bones) as fire wood using body fat as ghee so as attain Mukti (freedom) from Jadham/ Sareeram (body) before separation takes place through death.

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Lord Venkateswara is on Venkata Achalam. Achalam(hill) signifies Deham. In fact Lord Venkateswara is on the seven hills. These seven hills signify the seven layers of Deham(body) namely the five sensual organs, Manasu(mind) and Buddi (intellect).
Accordingly a devotee has to control/ regulate the five senses while climbing the first five hills.This achievement is known as Indriya Nigraham. Then the devotee has to make Manasu(mind) free from any Vikaaram(change) while climbing the sixth hill. Having thus climbed the six hills, the devotee has to fix Buddi on Lord Balaji while climbing the seventh hill.
Having thus climbed the seven hills, the devotee offers his/her hair (Sirojamulu) to the Lord. While doing so the devotee ensures that he/she is setting Deha Moham (attachment with the body) to the value zero. Finally the devotee puts Artham(hard earned money) in Hundi as his/her offerings to Lord Balaji and realizes that Lord Venkateswara is Tri Murthyaatmaka Swarupam of Sripati, Sri Kantha and Sri Chakra Sanchaarini as Parama Artham(Brahma Jhnanam). Lord Balaji points out one of his hands to wards His Paadamulu(feet). On having Darsanam of Lord Balaji ,the devotee realizes that Tiru Venkata Giri is His Sthira Nivaasam and accordingly makes Buddi Sthiram(fixed) on the Divya Paadamulu (lotus feet) of Srinivaasa and surrenders to the Lord of seven hills in words, thoughts and actions. On seeing Lakshman Sahita Sri Sita Rama Chandra Swamy to the left of Moola Viraatt Swarupam, the devotee draws Atma Balam,Atma Buddi and Atma Vidya to overpower Artham and Kamam with the power of Dharmam. As a success of Tirupati Yatra, the devotee receives the Anugraham(blessings) of Lord Balaji as Laddu Prasadam/Poornam..

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Oh Eswara !
Who could be more peaceful than you ?
your abode is Himaadri. You hold the source of coolness(Chandra) on your head. Also you hod Ganga in your Jatha Jhutam(hair mat). Above always you take head bath with the chilled water(Hima Jalam) no of times during the whole day.

Who could more powerful than you?
Mata Eswari as Sakti Swarupini is within you as Vaama Bhagam(left side) in the capacity as Sati(wife).
Who could be more relaxed than you ?
Mata Eswari(Sati) as Visva Bramana Kaarini and Srushthi,Sthiti and Laya Kaarini has been performing all your duties as the Universal Administrator since the inception of Jagath.

Who could be more blessed than you ?
you need not earn Artham(money) for your livelihood as Mata Eswari as Veda Mata is Parama Artha Swarupini(ultimate Dravyam). Above all Mata Eswari as Mata Annapoorna is Brahmaanda Bhaanodari and Mata blesses all the beings with Annam(food).

Who could be more secured than you ?
You do not have fear even due to death as your system is immune to the deadliest poison and no enemy can attack you as you are Niraakaaram. Above all, You are Mruthyun Jayam as Maha Kaala Kaalam.

Who could be greater than you ?
No body can ever dare to appraise your pen picture and assess your personalty/ conduct and character as you are beyond all attributes (Gunamulu) as Nirgunam.

Who could be calm and stable than you?
No body can ever dare to please you or disturb you as you are always Sadaa Vasanatam and beyond that virtue you are Nirvikaaram(out of bounds for any change in mood).
Who could be happier than you?
You adopted Vairagyam(renunciation) as your life style and this dispassion(Virakti) is the key to your happiness.
Nirvaanam is the secret of your success as Chidaanandam/everlasting happiness.

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