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Sri Vilambi Ugadi greetings to our group friends . A very special celebration of Time as God to introspect our life and to focus on our future for the achievement of Purushaardhaas or goals of life. My greetings with Panchangasravanam in English. http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr2IvsWkddE&feature=youtu.be http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr2IvsWkddE&feature=youtu.be

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Sri Goswamy Tulasidas begins Sri Hanuman Chalisa with Sri Hanuman Charana Rajam which signifies Brahma Jhnanam. Here Sri Hanuman Charanamulu refer to Aacharana (practice) of Gurudeva Hanuman in the roles as Sri Rama Daasam and Sri Rama Duutam. As the first one to be counted among the devotees of Prabhu Rama Bhaktulu, Gurudeva Hanuman holds the lotus feet/ Charanamulu of Prabhu Rama. Here Prabhu Rama Charanamulu point out to Aacharana (practice) of Prabhu Rama while restoring Dharmam as well as while showing the methodology to be adopted through his life so as to conquer Artham and Kamam with the power of Dharmam. Thus the life of Prabhu Rama proves beyond doubt that Dharmam is Satya Saadhanam.
The big and tall statues of Sri Hanuman are erected at great heights in different parts of the country. Apart from enlightening us to adhere to Indriya Nigraham as adopted by Him and to achieve Vimukti from Graha Peedanam, these statues signify that Sri Hanuman is Chiranjeevi (immortal) as Guru Daivam. Thus the statues installed at the prominent places throughout the breadth and width of the country signify that there is no need absolutely to search for a Sat Guru/Sri Guru as Sri Sri Hanuman whose glory is sung by Brahma, Narada, Sanaka and Sanandaadi sages is very much alive in the capacity as Guru Daivam to take care of Iham and Param in respect of the devotees of Prabhu Rama. The reason being as Pancha Mukha Swarupam, Guru Deva Hanuman is Pancha Bhutaamaka Swarupam. As Tri Pancha Nayanam, His Jhnanam(widiom) is embedded in Pancha Bhutamulu. Thus a devote feels the presence of Sri Hanuman (24*7) by his side if he surrenders to Sri Hanuman.
As stated in Sri Hanuman Chalisa, a devotee should bow down at the lotus feet of Sri Hanuman to gain Brahma Jhnanam(Absolute knowledge) because Sri Rama Bhakti(Brahma Jhnanam) flows like the electric current in the circuit which is formed as a result of contact of the head of a devotee and the feet of Sri Hanuman. Due to the influence(Prabhaavam) of Prabhu Rama Bhakti, the devotee loads Prabhu Rama Charitam in Chittam(memory) and Buddi(intellect) recollects the Sat Gunamulu of Prabhu Rama whenever the devotee does Sri Rama Dhyanam(meditation) and the Manasu(mind) experiences spiritual bliss through enjoying Rama Nama Amrutam

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Maanava Deham is like a mobile.
Sareeram(body) is like a machine of that mobile.
Buddi is like a Net work service provider that connects the Manasu(mind)/sim to the Lokam(world) through in coming calls(thoughts) and out going calls (thoughts). Thus Manasu indulges in the worldly thoughts and experiences the happy/unhappy feelings associated with those thoughts through the senses which act as interacting agents with the world.
During Dhyanam(meditation), a Dhyanne connects Buddi to Eswara and thus disconnects Buddi from Deham/Jagath(world). As result of it , Manasu (mind) stops undergoing Vikaaramulu (incoming/outgoing responses/calls) through keeping the mobile in silence mode and through not making any outgoing calls.Thus the incoming as well as outgoing calls(thoughts) come to a stop during meditation..
During that enlightened state, Manasu(mind) of that Dhyanee, being in a thoughtless state receives Sat Bhaavamulu(noble thoughts) as internal messages from Eswara(Universal Network Service Provider) who is in Sarva Bhutamulu as Atma just similar to a person who hears the sound of internal flow of blood in his own brain when a vacuum flask is kept near to one of the ears.

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