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VIRAGI IS YOGI by swamypvap
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Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:26 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Viragam is Vimukta Ragam.
Viragam is the key to Siva Sayujyam
Anuragam is that which follows Ragam and it leads to Bhogam(sensual pleasure).
Bhogam leads to Rogam(sickness)
Dvesham which goes opposite to Ragam fills up the mind with Visham(poison) and finally leads to Dvamsham(destruction).
Viragam is beyond Ragam and Dvesham.
Viragi is one who adopts Viragam as the way of life..
Mata Eswari as Sakala Nigama Artha Swarupini had performed Ghora Tapassu (penance) through observing all the austerities and became famous as Aparna. Eswari finally married Vairagya Swarupam Eswara and became one with Eswara as his Vama Bhagam(left side) as Arthangi.
Thus Viragam causes union of Jhnanam and Eswara.

Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:28 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


A day consisting of 24 hours signifies a wheel as Asoka Dharma Chakram consists of 24 spokes. So it signifies Kaala Chakram. As a human being is subjected to the unending cycle of births deaths , day time represents the life time of an individual and the night which immediately follows that day represents the life after death before next birth takes place in the form of sunrise next day following that day.
Accordingly, Pradosham is the transition period between Iham(life before death) and Param(life after death). It is a three hour period and it starts 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after the sunset and the sunset represents death. One is not supposed to indulge in any activity like eating or sleeping or involvement in any worldly activity during Pradoha Kaalam and one is supposed to to perform Eswara Aaraadhana/Pooja/ Dhyanam. The reason being Eswara is Prachandam, Prakrushtham and Pragalbham and Pradosha Samayam is the transition period between Iham and Param. As Eswara is Paresham(Prabhvu for Param), one should invariably remember Eswara either through His worship or Dhyanam(meditation) by setting aside all the other priorities pertaining to the life before death(Iha Jeevitam). This the reason why Eswara as Parama Dayaalum stays in Smasaanam(cremation ground) to take care of Param of an individual when a person passes away. What all one to do is that one should surrender to Eswara and remember Eswara during Pradosha Kaalam every day in youth and 24*7 in old age which is considered as Pradosha Kaalam when we consider/look the whole life time as day time and the sunset as death and the sunrise following that day as birth.
In view of the foregoing discussion, Pradosha Samayam signifies Jivana Sandhya Samayam/Avasaana Samayam/Jivana Astamaya Samayam/Antya Kaalam(old age) in one`s own life time. Hence the old people must do Eswara Dhyanam 24*7 in old age by setting full stop to all the Laukika Vishayamulu/ Laukika Kaaryamulu (worldly thoughts/ deeds) as death is a subtle thief which takes away life without giving any advance intimation.

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