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Dharma Pathni Qualities. by "Kishan Rao Sangem" sangem.kishanrao


Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:47 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Kishan Rao Sangem" sangem.kishanrao

I read from a Telugu Primer:
"Bhojyeshu Maathaa, Kayeshu Manthri,
Shsayanmeshu Rambha ,Kshamaya Dharithri,
Karaneshu .......
Shad ..Dharma Pathni....".
One &one-half lines are missing in the above .
. My own observation is that it reflaects male chunism.What about Shad
Gunas of Husband?
In many Santhana Teachings, Pathi Bhakthi isexaggerated, but Pathni bhakthi
not even touched upon. Modern women and women organisations condemn.
Readers may kindly react.
S Kishan Rao,Professor of Economics

Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:01 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Srimad Ramayanam is much more relevant and referable as on today than ever before. The reason being Srimad Ramayanam accords the paramount importance to the human values. As a Manava (human being Prabu Rama turned in to Madhava(God) through implementation of Dharmam as proposed in Vedamulu by implementing it as His law/ order/way of life. That is Why we place his Divya Charanamulu(noble feet) on our heads in any temple as Paadukulu(footwear) with utmost regard/ reverence as this religious ritual has been in practice since the time of its founder great Bharata. The reason being Prabhu Rama Charanamulu demonstrate practicals (Aacharana)of Dharmam in the human life and the same methodology is very well depicted and explained in Srimad Ramayanam as authored by Maharshi Valmiki.That is why Srimad Ramayanam is to be accorded the top regard and honor and it needs to be worshiped by placing it at a very sacred place in home.
Even though the pure Science like Mathematics acts as the foundation for Information technology, the application of Science(Technology)/computers is more relevant and applicable in our real life. Exactly on the same lines, Nirguna/ Niraakara Para Brahmam as proposed in Vedamulu and Vedaangamulu and which needs to be conceived and realized through them descended on to the earth as Satguna Saakaara Para Brahmam/son of the king Dasaratha by name Rama. The voluminous and non comprehensible Vedic literature also evolved at the same time into a precise and concise form as Srimad Ramayanam as written by Maharshi Valmiki.
Prabhu Rama is worshiped as Maryada Purshottma Swarupam. Prabhu Rama is the most ideal example to all the roles like humanitarian, son, father,guide, brother, pupil, husband, friend etc and as a man of word and as a man endowed with all the noble virtues like mercy, Valor, courage , magnanimity, beauty, duty, dependability, forbearance, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion even to the animals and birds. Above all Prabhu Rama is remembered as the best king that ever ruled because Prabhu Rama used to treat his subjects and people as His own children.
Eswara is Niraakaaram and Nirgunam, Sarva Vyapakam ,Anantam and Achintyam. As Karuna Avataram, Eswara also descended on to the earth as His Ekadasa Avataram as Hanuman to serve Prabhu Rama as Daasam and Duutam and to be our GuruDaivam in immortal form to induce Prabhu Rama Bhakti in our minds and to enlighten us to realize that we are immortal.

Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:07 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


As a Maha Pativrata, Mata Sita accompanied Prabhu Rama to the forest on her own and thus Mata sacrificed all the princely comforts which were at her command in the palace in Ayodhya. Secondly she did not give any weight or consideration to the risks and the hazards that were associated with the forest life as her sole aim was to serve her husband by remaining in his company.
Secondly Mata Sita did not cause any disturbance to her Pati`s (Prabhu Rama) sleep in spite of the fact she had suffered due to profuse bleeding from her chest when a demon by name Kaakaasur started hitting with its beak in her chest..
Thirdly Mata Sita sent away Lakshman in support of her Pati Prabhu Rama when she thought that the life of Prabhu Rama was in danger knowing fully that she was alone in the hermitage and was subjected to all the risks to her life.
Fourthly Mata Sita never slept and observed all the austerities during her custody in Lanka as her mind was completely engrossed in Pati(Rama) (Dhyanam).
Fifthly When she came to know that Prabhu Rama was not taking proper food and rest due to her Viyogam(separation) through Sri Hanuman during her capture in Lanka, she wept for her Pati Prabhu Rama despite being subjected to the different types of tortures from the demons.
When Sri Hamuman tried to please her by saying that he was competent to take her back to Prabhu Rama by carrying her on his shoulders and by crossing the sea, Mata expressed that she would not touch any person other than her husband and further revealed that Ravana could touch her because she was lying unconscious at the time of abduction.
Thus en number of instances can be quoted from Srimad Ramayanam to highlight the virtues of Mata Sita as Maha Pativrata. Keeping the paramount importance Paativratyam of Mata Sita in mind, we say loudly Jai Sri Ram which means Jai Siya Ram or Jai Sita Ram

Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:59 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Chaitra Maasa Sukla Navami is the Janma Tithi(birth day) of Prabhu Rama. Apart from observing it as the birth day of Prabhu Rama , Sita Rama Vivaham (marriage) is also performed on this day every year in a grand way with gaiety and enthusiasm. The reason behind celebrating this marriage every year is due to the fact that this marriage paved the way for the killing of the demon by name Ravana who had caused the greatest threat to Prakruti Dharmam(Law of Natute) and in turn to the very existence of Jagath(world) that the world had ever felt. As this marriage had become the cause for Jagath Sreyassu (welfare), the word Kalyanam which means Subham (fortune), underwent change in its sense as marriage. In other words there could not be any grater fortune (Subham/ Kalyanam) than Sita Rama Vivaham(Loka Kalyana Kaarakam). Prabhu Rama took birth on the day with Punarvasu Nakshatram(star).
Punarvasu Nakshatram signifies that Prabhu Rama as Dharma Swarupam had restored(Punah) Dharmam on Vasudha (earth) through His Aacharana (practice) of Dharmam. Prabhu Rama had reinstalled the confidence in the minds of the people regarding the truth that Dharmam protects those who protect it. Navami points out to the greatest treasure/ Nava Nidhi(ninth treasure) which implies Prabhu Rama Bhakti is Sat Nidhi.
If a devotee bows down to Guru Deva Hanuman, Sri Hanuman as Sri Rama Bhaktam induces Prabhu Rama Bhakti in the Buddi(intellect) of that devotee. Further as Rama Duutam, Sri Hanuman sets fire to Lanka which signifies Deha Bhaavam(Anitya Bhaavam) in the Hrudayam (mind) of that devotee and installs Sri Rama Bhaavam in its place. Further as Bhimeswara/Ekadasa Rudra Avataram, Sri Hanuman destroys the six Asuralu(Arishat Vargam) from the mind of that devotee and thus makes the devotee free from all the internal enemies. Above this bliss , Sri Hanuman blesses the devotee with Sanjeevini (Rama Rasaayanam/ Rama Nama Amrutam) as its custodian.
Eswara is in Sarva Bhutamulu as Atma. Accordingly Eswara is within us as Adhivaasam(Holder) of this Gruham/ house(Sareeram/body). Mata Eswari is Madi. Mata as Dvaita Rupini is Veda Mata/Sakala Nigama Artha Swarupini as well as Leela Naataka Sutra Khelana Kari/Maya Swarupini. Prabhu Rama is Mata Lalita Avataram. That is why there is a correlation between Vasanta Nava Ratrulu and Sarat Nava Ratrulu. During both the auspicious periods consisting of nine days each, Mata Eswari and Prabhu Rama are worshiped simultaneously. This is the reason why the sage Agasstya who was initiated Sri Lalita Nama Sahasra Stotram by Hayagreeva appeared before Prabhu Rama in the war field on the eve of the killing of Ravana by Prabhu Rama.
Gurudeva Hanuman blesses a devotee with Rama Rassayanam. Due to this enlightenment, the devotee surrenders Ashtha Angamulu (eight organs) namely body, speech organ, mind, intellect, soul, sensual organs, constitution and nature to Prabhu Rama . Due to this Anugraham(bliss), Eswara as Nirgunam and as Adviteeyam( beyond the two aspects of duality like Punayam and Papam) and also as Karuna Avataram (embodiment of compassion) writes off the effects of the deeds performed through hands, feet, speech organ, body, ears, eyes and mind by a devotee of Prabhu Rama . Due to this bliss as granted by Eswara, the devotee would have Nava Nidhi/Sat Nidhi of Prabu Rama who took birth on the ninth day of Vasanta Nava Ratrulu as a fixed/constant Bhaavam of Prabhu Rama in Hrudayam(mind). This spiritual achievement is known as Siddi(success) Due to this spiritual bliss/ enlightenment, the devotee realizes Eswara as Atma/Sakshe.

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