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Live stream  Vamana Purana 005 by "Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam
Sangem Kishan Rao stop Your Mails by "HARI SASTRY" vemurisastry


Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:48 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam

Vamana Purana 005
Live stream at 21.00 IST, Today
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Vamana Purana 005

Vamana The dwarf avatar of Vishnu, Vamana Devanagari वामन Sanskrit transliteration Vāmana Affiliation Vaishnavis....



Om Namo NarayanayaDr. M. R. Ravi
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Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:51 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"HARI SASTRY" vemurisastry

Sangem Kishan Rao use your brain. Sorry, I don't address you by professor because I doubt your credentials.  Do you teach your students after learning or you go by the haphazard way?(your way) How many scriptures have you read?  In your words( In many Santhana Teachings, Pathi Bhakthi isexaggerated, but Pathni bhakthi not even touched upon).  Then how many Scriptures have you gone through? And in which scripture did you find male chauvinism?

In your words ("Bhojyeshu Maathaa, Kayeshu Manthri,     Shsayanmeshu Rambha ,Kshamaya Dharithri,     Karaneshu .........     Shad ..Dharma Pathni....".      One &one-half lines are missing in the above )You don't even remember what was the full text neither you know how to spell. 
It's in this Land Women is Worshiped. Which script didn't you find that? Give me one only one sanathana teaching wherein women are not held High?
In your earlier emails, you have criticised Brahmins & Vedas.
You address yourself, Professor and Dean.
My question to you how do you teach your students?

God save your students.
Vhhp Sastry.
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