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Eswara as Sarva Vyapakam(infinite in space) and Anantam(infinite in time) is Achintyam(unthinkable). Eswara is also an embodiment of Karuna (compassion) and Chidaanandam. Then a million dollar question arises in mind that how to contemplate on Eswara in Dhyanam (meditation) so as to realize the everlasting happiness.
The answer to this complex problem is to meditate on Prabhu Rama because Prabhu Rama as Dharma Swarupam and as Satya Swarupam is Chintyam(thinkable). As stated in Srimad Ramyanam, Prabhu Rama is endowed with sixteen Sat Gunamulu (virtues) and accordingly Prabhu Rama is Sat Guna Sampannam (Paripoornam) as Mahaneeya Gunaatmajam and as Maryada Purushottama Swarupam.. Eswara as Nirgunam is the center of that Paripoornam(circle). As such a Dhyanee can contemplate on the sixteen Sat Gunamulu (great virtues) of Prabhu Rama in Dhyanam to arrive at the center/Eswara.
Gurudeva Hanuman as Ekadasa Rudra Avataaram and as Prabhu Rama Bhaktam has connection with Eswara as well as Prabhu Rama like the radius of that Paripoornam(Vruttam). As Chiranajive(immortal form) Gurudeva Hanuman as connection with Prabhu Rama and with the devotees of Prabhu Rama. Keeping this philosophy in mind Sat Guru Goswamy Tulasidas says in Sri Hanuman Chalisa that if a devotee bows down at the lotus feet of Sri Hanuman in mind then that devotee would be free from Dehaatma Buddi and thus the devotee would be free from any Mano Vikaaram (displacement) which is the root cause for all Klesamulu(sorrows). This enlightenment takes place due to the truth Gurudeva Hanuman comes along with Prabhu Rama, Lakshman and Mata Sita and stays in the Hrudayam(mind) of that devotee under the Krupa(grace) of Gurudeva Hanuman. Due to this enablement, the devotee of Rama meditates on Prabhu Rama and reaches the center/ Eswara of that Pravruttam /Prajhnanam(circle) as described above by travelling along the radius under the Krupa(grace) of Gurudeva Hanuman. The reason being that Prabhu Rama as Satguna Saandram/ Sampannam is same as Nirugunam Eswara The reason behind this truth is that Santushthi (perfect satisfaction) is Ruchi Rahitam(without taste) just like Kshuda(hunger). This is the reason why Prabhu Rama treated the forest(Adavi) and Ayodhya alike. Thus as empowered by Prabhu Rama Bhakti and as enlightened by Sri Rama Bhaavam in Hrudayam (mind), the devotee would attain Siddi(success) in the form of realization of Eswara as Atma/Sakshe.

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