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Kaikottikkali - കൈകൊട്ടിക്ക by "Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam


Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:14 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam

Live stream at 9.00 pm IST today.
Kaikottikkali - കൈകൊട്ടിക്കളി, സംഗമ ഗ്രാമ തിരുവാതിര കളരി ഇരിഞ്ഞാലക്കു, Sundara Narayana Gananjali

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Kaikottikkali - കൈകൊട്ടിക്കളി, സംഗമ ഗ്രാമ തിരുവാതിര കളരി ഇരിഞ്ഞാലക്കു, S...

Kaikottikkali - കൈകൊട്ടിക്കളി, സംഗമ ഗ്രാമ തിരുവാതിര കളരി ഇരിഞ്ഞാലക്കു, Sundara Narayana Gananjali



Om Namo NarayanayaDr. M. R. Ravi
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Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:25 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Yogam means the union of Jiva Chaitanyam (individual consciousness) and its Moolam/ origin/Eswara Chaitanyam(Absolute consciousness). This in turn implies that Yogam means the union of Jiva Bhaavam(individual feeling) and its source Eswara Bhaavam as Eswara is Bhava/Atma and Eswari is Bhavaani/Madi. As a Jiva(individual) has to become one with Siva before death, the concept of Yogam percolates down to the union of Prana Sakti of a Jiva(individual) and its source namely Eswara Sakti/Gayatri Sakti/Atma Sakti.
The food, water, air and sunlight contain Prana Sakti(solar energy) as the trees and plants make food in the presence of the sunlight and this process is known as photo synthesis. The reason behind this truth is that Lord Aditya is Praja(Pranulu), Prana(lives) and Ruthu(seasons) Karta (Administrator). Thus the Prana Sakti(solar energy) goes in to our body through the intake of food, water, air and sunlight etc.
Eswara as Sarva Vyapakam and Anantam is in Sarva Jivulu as Atma and Eswari as Sarva Vyapakam and Anantam is in Sarva Jivulu as Gayatri Sakti/Atma Sakti. Eswara and Eswari are inseparable like the Sun and the sunlight
The Gayatri Sakti/Atma Sakti divides the Surya Sakti(solar energy) obtained due to the intake of food, water, air and the sunlight in to five types of Prana Sakti and these five types of Prana Sakti activate the five sensual organs. One more type of Sakti in the form of subtle energy (Sukshma Sakti) is also formed during the division and it activates Manasu (mind) which acts as the administrator of the five senses.
Due to Jiva Bhaavam/Jhaadyam(individual feeling), Buddi(intellect) is subjected to Deha Bhaavam(Ajhnana Bhaavam as Deham(body) is Anityam(temporary) and Dukkha Daayakam(troublesome) as Jhadam/ mortal. Manasu(mind) as dictated by its boss, Buddi (intellect) which is under the control of Sareera Bhaavam/ Jhada Bhaavam (ignorance) experiences the worldly pleasures/pains through the five sensual organs which act as the interacting agents with the world. Thus Manasu (mind) lives in the worldly matters and always remains outwards (Bahirmukham). Thus the Prana Sakti escapes back in to the Lokam(world) through Buddi, Manasu and Pancha Jhnana Indriyamulu as energy can be neither created nor destroyed .
A yogi under the Krupa(grace) of a Sat Guru withdraws the all the types of Prana Sakti and consolidates and unites all the types Prana Sakti into One. As knowledge is power and as the sunlight consists of seven colors, the consolidated and united Prana Sakti consisting of the seven types of energy as withdrawn from Buddi, Manasu and the five senses signifies Eswara Jhnanam(Absolute knowledge). As energy saved is energy produced, the consolidated/united Prana Sakti reaches back and becomes one with its source/origin which is all and ever pervading Eswara Sakti/ Atma Sakti. This process is known as Yoga Prakriya.
As per the saying "Make hay while the Sun shines(Deepamundaga Ellu Chhaka Pettukonvale), a Jiva(person) should attain the above union of Prana Sakti and its source Atma Sakti before death snatches away Pranamulu (life) like a subtle thief.
Once the energy is withdrawn from the different organs like Manasu and Jhnana Indriyamulu, they become inactive/non functional. The human body is like an earthen pot. When a pot develops a small hole, it stops retaining the filled in water. This fact implies that it is not serving the purpose for which it has been purchased. Then we throw away the pot irrespective of its good shape and appearance. This fact implies that it goes back to its origin/source namely the earth.
Exactly on the same lines when Buddi becomes one with Eswara/ Atma, under the direction of a Sat Guru, then Manasu(mind) and the five senses would be inactive/non functional and a Jiva Chaitanyam reaches back his/her origin Eswara/Atma Chaitanyam and unites with it. The reason being Jivuylu are Anekam and Eswara/Atma as Ekam is the origin/ (Aadharam) for all Jivulu just like the number One in the Number System because any number in the Number System can be derived by addition of ones but Eswara as infinite cannot be derived by any level of human intellect.

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