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Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:53 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Happiness is found not in sensation but in absorption

We often equate happiness with sensations. If something tastes good, if something looks attractive, if something smells delightful, we think that by getting those things, we will get more and more pleasure. Indeed, most technological progress is geared towards providing us greater pleasurable sensations, either by altering our physical situation or by linking us to a virtual world replete with pleasant sensations.

Today through technology, we can access far more pleasant sensations than even kings could a few centuries ago. But are we happier? Not really, as demonstrated by spiraling statistics of mental health problems.

Why are pleasant sensations not making us happy? Because such sensations are peripheral to who we are. The pleasure they provide is like tickling. When tickled, we feel some pleasure and start laughing. But that laugher is not happiness – if it were, we all could just get a perpetual tickling machine and be happy lifelong.

Why are sensations peripheral to us? Because they act only on our physical covering, not on our spiritual essence. Gita wisdom explains that we are souls, who are parts of the whole, the all-attractive Supreme, Krishna. He is eternal; we are eternal; and our connection with him, once realized, can provide us eternal happiness. The Gita (05.21) states that when we turn away from external sensations and focus on spiritual reality by practicing yoga, we access imperishable happiness. The process of bhakti-yoga connects us with the highest spiritual reality, Krishna, by spiritually channeling the power of our emotions.

To spiritualize our emotions, bhakti-yoga provides us insights and practices for cultivating determined remembrance of Krishna internally and engaging in his purposeful service externally. When this dual connection with all-pure Krishna purifies us, our attraction for him increases. The resulting purified devotional emotions power us to everlasting ecstatic absorption in our beloved Lord.

Read more http://www.gitadaily.com/happiness-is-found-not-in-sensation-but-in-absorption/ http://www.gitadaily.com/happiness-is-found-not-in-sensation-but-in-absorption/

Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:41 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Maya is like a null value of a data variable in a Database . Null value is an unknown value lying in the computer memory.
When a numeric data variable having null value participates in any arithmetical calculation like addition or subtraction etc the result is unpredictable.
Exactly on the same lines any sensual object (Laukika Vastuvu) is like a data variable lying in the mind which has a null value. Accordingly the final result of any experience of any sensual object is unpredictable. Only the result of experience of Sat Vastuvu is Ekam and Nityam because this experience is beyond senses (Alaukika Anubhuti) . The reason being that Sat Vastuvu which is Ekam and Nityam is beyond the perception of the senses.

Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:26 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Service rendered without egoism, however small, can be highly beneficial. It must emanate from a tender heart which responds to every sob and groan, and is ready to renounce and suffer gladly. One must have the eagerness to get involved with others and feel their pain. One must cultivate forbearance and inner strength, in order to avoid resentment at criticism and ridicule, while one is engaged in joyful service. The wise use their money, strength, intelligence, skills, aptitudes and opportunities to help others and make their lives happier. Thus they win divine grace; for seva is the highest form of worship. There are millions who are hungry, desperate and miserable. I ask that you limit your intake of food to your actual need, so that you can share your resources with the needy. Never waste food. Do not fritter away money for harmful purposes; use it to help others. Do not waste time and energy; allow others to benefit from your skills!

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