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Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
Sri Satya Sai Baba by p_gopi_krishna


Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:33 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


As Absolute Swarupam, Eswara is beyond the conception of mind (Achintyam). Eswari is Eswara Chaitanya, Eswara Sakti Eswara Jhnana Swarupini
(Absolute knowledge).Eswara is Sarva Vyapakam and Anantam .Eswari is Sarva Vyapakam and Anantam
As Avyakta Swarupini Eswari is Sakti in a virus(invisible). As Vyakya Swarupini Eswari is Sakti in a lion(visible).As Dvita Varjini, Eswari is beyond Drusyam(visible) as well as Adrusyam (invisible)
As the number Zero is positive as well as negative and at the same time zero is neither positive nor negative , if an individual raises his intellect to the power of Absolute knowledge(zero) he undergoes Aparoksha Anubhuti which is beyond Dvaitam because the person being a son acquires the properties of Eswara/Absolute(Father) due to the Absolute knowledge imparted by the Mother Eswari as Eswara Jhnana Swarupini (Absolute knowledge)

Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:11 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Evidence is only as good as the person evaluating it

Suppose someone infected by a disease is in denial. Even when their physician shows them the relevant reports, if they aren't medically well-read enough to understand those reports, they may dismiss all the evidence.

Whenever any evidence is given for something beyond direct sense perception, that evidence is only as good as the person perceiving it. Such subjectivity doesn't mean that the evidence has no intrinsic value; it just means that people's capacity to understand that evidence is relative.

This principle of subjective comprehension applies to spiritual truths too.. How the soul exists within the body, how it is bound by the three modes, how it is dragged from one body to another – all this can be perceived only by the spiritually educated (Bhagavad-gita 15.10), not by the materially infatuated (15.11).

When we don't get some aspects of spirituality, we needn't agonize over them. Instead, we can focus on raising our consciousness from the lower modes to the mode of goodness, which is more conductive to knowledge (14.16). Practicing bhakti-yoga can elevate us to goodness – and beyond, to transcendence (14.26). And bhakti-yoga can be accessed at various levels of consciousness (12.08-12).

The Gita (03.26) indicates that if someone doesn't understand some spiritual truths, we needn't agitate them by demanding that they still accept those truths, instead, we can resourcefully connect them to the broad path for gradual spiritual elevation from their present level. In due course, the necessary comprehension will come to them by the arrangement of the indwelling Lord.

This principle of progressive engagement applies to us too. Rather than endlessly debating points that we find controversial, we can focus on practicing bhakti-yoga, as much as it makes sense to us. By such practice, our consciousness will rise, and gradually, essential spiritual truths will become increasingly intelligible.

Read more http://www.gitadaily.com/evidence-is-only-as-good-as-the-person-evaluating-it/ http://www.gitadaily.com/evidence-is-only-as-good-as-the-person-evaluating-it/

Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:03 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


On Dhritarashtra [dhārmika-saṁvādaḥ]

hariH Om. An incisive character analysis of *the individual* Dhritarashtra, the Dhritarashtras *we meet*, and the Dhritarashtras *that we are*. Read on. Om.


Sri Rohit Arya ji writes: "From the time that humans achieved sentience, nobody in history got as much advice as Dhritharashtra. Vampires did not thirst for blood as much as he yearned for advice. Had such advice been followed, Dhritharashtra would have been the greatest Emperor of all time. Bheeshma advised him. Kripacharya advised him. Drona advised him. His brother Vidura did nothing else the live long day, every day of his long and frustrated life. His wife advised him. Veda Vyasa advised him. The rishi Maitreya tried advice and ended with doling out a curse. Sri Krishna advised him and even showed the miserable old fellow his Vishwaroopam. Finally, Sanjaya also fell into the consensus delusion that if [he] was lectured enough he would come to his senses and do the right thing.

During this Life as a Lecture Experience Dhritharastra was amazingly open to insult and disparagement. He would agree with everybody who scolded him, except once when he exiled Vidura for truth telling. But that ended in the usual sentimental snivelling. That was the doddering relic's escape route - he would weep and wail and lament that his son was disobedient. He was under a torrential downpour of advice every day but his nepotism was so embedded in the bone marrow it made no difference. He was the king. One order and everybody would have leapt to put Duryodhana in chains because everybody was sick and tired of that spiteful fellow and his murderous envy. But he would not do it.

Somewhere in his decrepit mind Dhritharastra was making a karmic trade off.. I will listen patiently to all this criticism and contempt and that will absolve my son who is a villain. He was the world champion of the follow up question. Such a thirst for knowledge and such a refusal to do anything with that knowledge, he was a unique specimen. The pleasure and moral certitude that came from asking the right question meant he absolved himself of doing the right thing. The question was enough. He knew what Dharma was. Perfectly. Why soil that pristine awareness with grubby action?

Only two people had figured out this hoary hypocrite for what he was right away. One was the rishi Maitreya who did the usual advice and counsel routine but ended up cursing the Kurus. When the old schemer wanted the rishi to explain how Bhima had killed a dangerous rakshasha he curtly refused knowing it was a despicable attempt to wheedle out Bhima's fighting strategy. The other person was of course Bhimasena who loathed Dhritharashtra with an ever- increasing contempt till the day he died. He knew only too well that Duryodhana was merely a puppet for Dhritharastra's frustrated greed for power and he was not hesitant to express his scorn. In later years he took great pleasure in loudly describing within earshot of the old man how he killed each one of his 100 sons. I sometimes think Krishna put the iron statue into Dhritarashtra's embrace, not to save Bhima but the old man. Had he tried to crush Bhima by embracing him Bhima would have hugged him back. And then an already distraught Yudhishtara would have the death of one more family elder on his conscience. The genuine tragedy is that he was a man of great potential. When he finally died Dhritharashtra released internal agni from his body and cremated himself. Very few yogis can achieve such a feat. But the flaws of insane love for child and a nasty greed for power ruined everything.

But upadesham is generally worthless. People do as they please and facts, logic, and above all advice has nothing to do with what they choose.

Sarvam Shivamayam!

Prashant Parikh



Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:09 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


True love is the sweet fruit that grows out of the fragrant flower of good deeds. Today, when any difficulty arises or when some trouble crops up, love turns into hatred. Whatever be the vicissitudes one may face, whatever be the personal sorrows and privations one may undergo, a person with true love should remain unaffected. Love rules without recourse to the sword. It binds without laws. Like the glow of the flame in a fire or the rays of the sun or the waves in the ocean, divine love is the basic quality of every true human being. True Love is practising pure and unselfish love towards all living beings, who are all embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward! A genuine loving person will be free from dislike or hatred, and is friendly and compassionate towards all beings (Adweshta sarva bhutanam, maitrah, karuna evacha). Only those with this attitude are worthy of being called human beings!

Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:33 pm (PDT) . Posted by:


Mass signifies Eswara
Mass is energy(SaktI) and Sakti signifies Eswari.
Eswara is Ashtha Murthy Rupam.
Pruthvi is the first Rupam of Eswara.
Bhumyakarshna Sakti(gravitational force) signifies Eswari.
Jalam is the second Rupam of Eswara.
Jala Paata Sakti(Hydro electric power) signifies Eswari.
Agni is the third form Eswara
Dahana Sakti(Thermal power) signifies Eswari.
Vayuvu is the fourth Rupam of Eswara.
Vayu Gamana Sakti(wind energy) signifies Eswari.
Aakaasam is the fifth form of Eswara.
Megha Garganam(sound energy caused by clouds) signifies Eswari.
Chandra is the sixth Rupam of Eswara
Nisaa(Darkness) caused by Chandra signifies Eswari.
Aditya is the seventh form of Eswara
Kaanti(light) caused by the sun signifies Eswari.
Nirguna and Niraakara Niyaamaka (Administrator/programmer) of the above seven elements is the eighth form of Eswara.
Niyamam(policy/program) as embedded in Administration signifies Eswari..
Thus as Prakruti Dharma Swarupini/ Prajhnana Swarupini Eswari is Eswara Kari, Niraamaya Kari, Nitya Ananda Kari.

Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:24 am (PDT) . Posted by:


The real purpose of undertaking a Kasi Yatra is to take Manasu(mind) along with Deham(body) and to have Maanasika Darsanam of Lord Visva Natha and to realize Eswara as Adhi Vaasam of Deham (body) as Gruham(house).
If the above purpose is achieved on having a trip to Kasi, one would be empowered to have Maanasika Darsanam of Eswara irrespective of the place and time consequently when ever one meditates on Eswara in Dhyanam as Dhi(mind) is enabled to reach Kasi faster than air.
Due to the above empowerment as a result of en number of Maanasika Yatralu to Kasi followed by en number of Maanasika Darsanamulu of Visva Natha in Dhyanam(meditation) , one would be enlightened to take Manasu(Sukshma Sareeram) to cremation ground (Smasaanam) permanently when death occurs so as to have Maanasika Darsanam of Eswara in Smasaanam (Eswara Vaasam) when death occurs and the dead body is taken to the cremation ground.. Thus Kaarana Sareeram becomes one with Moola Kaaranam(Eswara) and thus one gets Mukti(freedom) from further births.
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