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Srimad Bhagavad Gita by p_gopi_krishna
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:22 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Personhood is innate to consciousness; it's not a stage of manifestation of consciousness

Some spiritualists hold that our sense of personhood ("I am a person") is just a stage in the evolution of consciousness – when consciousness evolves towards enlightenment, it merges into impersonal oneness.

However, the Bhagavad-gita rejects such depersonalization of consciousness.. It (02.12) indicates that Arjuna and Krishna will continue to exist in the future. Their eternally continued existence implies that personality isn't lost in the enlightened state. How is this implied? Because Krishna is eternally enlightened, being the transcendental absolute (07.26) – if he, the infinite consciousness, exists as a person now, that's how he will exist eternally. And Arjuna became enlightened on hearing the Gita (18.73). After enlightenment, if he too will continue to exist, that means his individual personality is also eternal. Both ways, personhood exists eternally with consciousness.

Indeed, Gita wisdom asserts that the infinite consciousness, Krishna, is a person – innately, eternally, transcendentally (15.19). We all are souls, his eternal parts. As he is a person, so are we.

Like the ill-informed spiritualists mentioned earlier, some materialists too depersonalize consciousness. For example, abortion advocates claim that the embryo is not intrinsically a person; it becomes a person at a particular stage of manifestation of consciousness. At which stage? Second month of pregnancy? Fourth month? Sixth month? Science can't answer because it can't measure consciousness itself; it can only measure brain activity level. How, then, do abortionists determine the answer? Often by political legislation; wherever the pro-abortion lobby becomes stronger, there the embryo conveniently becomes a person later. Extending such expedience to extremes, some materialists argue that even a born baby needn't be considered a person; so, it too can be aborted.

Such are the shocking consequences of the depersonalization of consciousness. Thankfully, we can counter spurious arguments that depersonalize consciousness by studying and sharing Gita wisdom.

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/personhood-is-innate-to-consciousness-its-not-a-stage-of-manifestation-of-consciousness/ https://www.gitadaily.com/personhood-is-innate-to-consciousness-its-not-a-stage-of-manifestation-of-consciousness/

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Live with prema (love), in prema, for prema. Then the Lord who is Premaswarupa (Divine Love personified) will grant you all that you need in spite of your not asking for anything. He knows; He is the Mother who does not wait to hear the moan of the child to feed it. His prema is so vast and deep; He anticipates every need and rushes with the required help. You are all waiting anxiously to know when will I restart granting you 'interviews', so that you can place before Me the long lists of korikas (wishes or desires), which you have brought. These wishes go on multiplying; they never end. The fulfilment of one leads to a new series. Strive to arrive at the stage when His wish alone will count and you are an instrument in His Hands. When you fill yourselves with love for God, you achieve Sarupya and Sayujya (likeness of form and absorption in God). Strive for that consummation, not for lesser victories.

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Dhyanam(Meditation) is like a rail journey(Prayanam)
Different people boarding a train at the last but one station represent different subjects.
The travel undertaken by the above said people represents Dhyanam.
All the travelers mentioned above reach the last station as the destination (Gamyam) which happens to be the same. Thus all the Dhyanees meet the same objective/goal.
Accordingly Dhyanam is the process (Kriya) which transforms all the Dhyanees(subjects) in to the same Dyeyam(object) which is beyond any subjectivity.
The underlying current/flow is Absolute Jhnanam as the all pervading Power (Sarva Vyapaka Sakti) which transforms all the Jhnanulu (intellectuals/spiritual seekers in to Jhneyam(to be sought).
The best example to understand the above underlying principle is that taking Bhojanam (meals)/doing Dhyanam transforms the different Bhoktalu(different people doing meditation) transforms them into full satisfaction(Dhyeam/Poorna Anandam) because all of them would be free from hunger (Dukkham).
Dukkha Rahita Shthi/Vikaara Rahita Sthiti/Aalochana Rahita Sthti of mind(Manasu) is Poorna Anandam.
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