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Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:57 am (PDT) . Posted by:


As Eswara is within us as Atma, Sat Guruvu takes birth from Atma as Atma Bhavudu/Atma Guruvu and imparts Atma Jhnanam to a Sisya(disciple) when the devotee bows down to Him..
Just like Atmajudu/son sets fire to the dead body(Deham) of his father/mother , Sat Guruvu sets Jhnana Agni to Deha Moham(passion towards body) in case of a devotee who surrenders to him when he is very much alive.
Due to this Atma Jhnana Prabodham , the disciple would be free from any Samyukta Deha Bhaavam (Samdeham)/ doubt in mind. Further he undergoes Alaukika Anubhuti/Eswara Anubhuti /Ananda Anubhuti which does not involve Deham/Lokam. This Alaukika Anubhuti is beyond any sensual pleasure and sensual pain as experienced by mind.
Any Laukika Anubhuti/Sensual pleasure/worldly experience that mind undergoes is temporary, defective and ends with misery and sorrow.It is defective because it carries an inbuilt defect of fear. Is is temporary because Deham is Anityam. It ends with misery and frustration because all the sensual organs as subjected to wear and tear become obsolete in due course of time.
In Eswara Aalayam,we get Bhasmam (ash) as Prasaadam. This ash is Prasaadam because that ash has been already applied on Eswara Lingam.. This Prasaadam is known as Vibhuti. This Vibhuti carries the spiritual significance as it points out to Vimukta Deha Anubhuti (experience which does not involve body/world). Thus this Eswara Vibhuti once applied on body , one should remain mentally disconnected from Deham/(body) and Lokam(world). Thus a disciple as enlightened by Atma Guruvu burns his Deha Moham (body) like fire wood in Yoga Agni/Jhnana Agni as granted to him by Atma Guruvu and remains in an unconscious state of body/ (Deham)/World(Lokam) and undergoes Eswara Vibhuti/Atma Anubhuti/ Chidaanandam..

Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:58 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Vayuvu(air) which carries good smell as well as bad smell is Aatharam (basis) for smell and at the same as Suddam, it is beyond any smell. Eswara as Vayu Rupam is Nirguanam and Nraathaaram and Eswara is beyond Dvaitam and is Aatharam(basis) for Dvaitam.
The nuclear energy causes good effects as well as bad effects. Eswari as Eswara Sakti Swarupini/Visva Bramana Kaarini is Dvaita Rupini as Rakshakari as well as Sikshakari. Eswari is Jhnana Rupini as well as Maya Rupini.
Eswara is Omkaara Moolam and Omkaaram consists of three Beejamulu. .. Eswari as Omkaara Beejaakshari is Srushthi,Sthiti and Laya Kaarini.Mind also has the capability of creation of Swapna Jagath, holding it for some time and getting dissolved/immersed in it by undergoing Sukhamulu as well as Dukkhamulu in it.
In Jaagrath Avashtha (waken state) also mind is associated with Deham which is Anityam (temporary) just like Swapnam/unreal in dream sleep and experiences the sensual pleasures and pains.
Mata Sati/Eswari had burnt her Deham (body) in Yogaagni generated by her and thus became one with Eswara,. Thus if Manasu(mind) having the capability of creation of Swapna Jagath, sustaining and dissolution like Eswari/Maya Rupini generates Yoga Agni/Jhnana Agni and burns Deham (body) in it, then the Manasu (mind) transforms into an offering to Eswara. This process of Arpanam of Manasu to Eswara is Maanasika Nivedanam.

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Seek not to grasp God – seek to be grasped by God

To grasp God means to use our intelligence and to intellectually comprehend Krishna. When we grasp a concept, "Oh, now I understand what this is."

When we are practicing bhakti and seeking philosophical knowledge, we may feel, "I want to understand Krishna; I have understood this aspect of the Krishna philosophy. Now I will get that and then that."

We all have intelligence and it needs to be exercised – exercising it to understand spiritual truths is better than using it to grasp worldly notions. Still, a key spiritual truth we need to grasp is that Krishna can't be grasped; he is far greater than our intelligence. The purpose of connecting with him is not to grasp him fully, but is actually to be grasped by him.

In the Bhagavad-gita, after hearing its four-verse essence (10.08-11), Arjuna acknowledges Krishna's supreme position (10.12-13) and then (10..14) states that he can't know Krishna fully – in fact, even the gods, despite being far greater than him, can't know Krishna fully. Thereafter (10.16-18), he desires to hear more and more about Krishna's glories simply to relish those glories – and enquires about how he can remember Krishna constantly, even while interacting with things in this world. In response, Krishna describes his various opulences (10.20-42) which can aid Arjuna in remembering him.

Later, the Gita (12.06-07) describes the reward awaiting those who fix their mind on Krishna – he grasps them and lifts them out of material existence and takes them to his eternal abode. How? By revealing his all-attractiveness and thereby attracting our hearts away from the world towards him.

Thus, we need to use our intelligence to serve Krishna, seeking not to grasp him, but to please him with our eager service attitude and thereby opening our head and heart to be grasped by him.

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/seek-not-to-grasp-god-seek-to-be-grasped-by-god/ https://www.gitadaily.com/seek-not-to-grasp-god-seek-to-be-grasped-by-god/

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Worship the Lord and offer Him the eight flowers of non-violence (ahimsa), control of your senses (indriya nigraham), compassion towards all beings (sarva bhuta daya), fortitude (kshama), inner peace (shanti), austerity (tapas), meditation (dhyana) and truth (satya). Now, when other flowers are used, devotion does not last after you step out of your altar or puja room door! When one crosses that door-step, anger, hatred and anxiety possess you and degrade you. Without developing the qualities indicated by the eight flowers how can any one win the grace of God? Engaged in Asatya Narayana Vrata (the adherence to falsehood) on all 364 days, what is the good you hope to get by doing the Satyanarayana Vrata(worship of Lord Satyanarayana) on the 365th day of the year? As you claim to be Sai devotees, justify your claim by cultivating these flowers of virtue and offering them to God.

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