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One should lend his ears to hear Atma Bodha by surrendering to a Sat Guru.
The sub ritual of Karna Bedhi followed by wearing ear rings (Karna Kunadalamu) as ornaments as part of the ritual Upa Nayanam signify that Kunalamulu/in the form of Poornam(circle) point out to Brahma Jhnanam(Absolute knowledge) and that Brahmmachaari is bounded by duty to acquire Brahma Vidya by listening to the spiritual teachers.
Having thus accumulated the spiritual material , one should recall their teachings to mind and contemplate on its essence and extract the hidden meaning/ underlying sense(Antara Artham)/Nija Dhanam/ Parama Artham(spiritual sense). Thus one should do Nityaanitya Vasstu Vichharana through the process of Mananam/ Manthanam(churning) of Ksheera Saagaram(ocean of knowledge) and extract Amrutam/Nidhi/ Parama Artham.
Having thus earned Nija Dhanam (Absolute knowledge)/Nitya Vastu Jhnanam,one should utilize Parama Artham to undertake the journey (Yaanam) of Dhi(intellect) towards the Parama padam/Eswara/Atma to withdraw inner peace and happiness as Eswara is Chidaananda Rupam..
As Dhyana Gamyam(destination) is Eswara having Tri Lochanamulu,(three eyes), Eswara Bhaavam in Hrudayam (mind) as Eswara Samkalpam reaches the third eye Agni Netram/Jhnana Netram (Absolute eye) and opens it and burns the Anga Bhaavana/Deha Moham (association with body) which is Anityam and grants Nitya Anandam.
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Eswara as Pruthvi Rupam is Saakaaram.
Eswara as Jala Rupam takes the Rupam of a Paatra(container).
Eswara as Agni Ruapam transforms all the Aakaaramulu into Eka Aakaaram as (Bashmam).
Eswara as Vayu Rupam is Niraakaaram
Eswara as Aakaasa Rupam is Suunya Aakaaaram . Thus Eswara is Saakaaram as well as Niraakaaram.
Thus Eswara Aakaaram is Achintyam (beyond the conception of mind).

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Energy(Sakti) is of two kinds namely potential energy and kinetic energy.
Exactly on the same lines, Eswara Sakti is the Sakti that causes movement in the movable objects and at the same time it is the Sakti that holds without movement in the immovable objects.
A doubt may come to our mind that how Eswara Sakti is to be felt in an iron rod which does not move. When an iron rod is heated at one end, it becomes hot at the other end. This means molecules started moving from the heating end to the non heating end within the rod. Precisely it is the Eswara Sakti that causes the movement of molecules within the rod. In the same way way we feel the vibrations in the buildings.
Thus Anuvvu(Atom) signifies Eswara and Anu Sakti(Atomic energy) signifies Eswara Sakti/Eswari. Thus Eswara as Chalam as well as Achalam is Achintyam (unthinkable)
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