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Eswara as Viraaga Swarupa is beyond Raagam and Dvesham.
Eswara as Vijhnana Swarupa is beyond Jhnanam and Ajhnanam
Eswara as Videha Swarupa is beyond Deham.
Eswara as Vibhuti Swarupa is beyond Vimukta Deha Anubhuti)(sensual/worldly experience) .
Eswara as Atma in all Bhutamulu(beings) has Sama Bhaavam towards all the beings. Eswara is the Kaaranam(cause) for the birth of all the beings.
Eswara is Samsaara Saaram. Thus Eswara is the cause for our birth as well as the purpose of our life. As the meaning of our life, Eswara is the destination (Gamyam) of our life.
Hence to be free from all shackles (Bhandhamulu) of this Samsaara Saagaram . one should bow down to Eswara by having a constant feeling (Bhaavam) in Hrudayam(mind) that that one does not know any thing other than Bhava/Eswara because Bhava is the one and only one real Eswara(Lord) and any thing other than Eswara is unreal.

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UNIX is the first operating system that has been designed to manage the resources across the various hardware platforms. In fact the letter `X` here signifies that the hardware manufacturer like IBM, HP,SUN is a variable as the the management of the hardware is concerned. The System Administrator whose primary responsibility is to manage the memory space,time and the people/users is known as the ROOT.
The initial password of the root /System Administrator to install the operating system is also root.Thus the System Administrator crates users, grants rights and privileges to them and deletes them as and when needed.
The above discussion guides us to realize that Eswara as Jagath Niyaamaka is the root(Moolam) for Creation(SrushthI), Sustaining(Sthiti) and dissoution(Layam). Eswara is Omkaara Moolam. Thus the three Beejaaakshramulu of Omkaaram signify the above three functionalities. Eswara is Naada Moolam,Sabda Moolam and Veda Moolam. This is the significance behind Eswara having Trilochanamulu. The role of the the System Administrator helps us to realize Eswara as Kaala Ateetam and Desa/Loka Ateetam and as the Jagath Prabhu/Yajaamahi of all the Bhutamulu(beings) and Moola Kaaranam .
Eswara as the Universal Administrator and Trishuula Dhaari(Holder of trident) and Chidaananda Rupam (everlasting happiness) blesses us with Amrutatvam/ Nitya Anandam by destroying all the three Sareeramulu (hardware platforms) which are the factors for deaths followed by births which lead to the four types of Dukkhamulu and Taapa Trayam

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