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Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:58 am (PDT) . Posted by:


We may have scars, but we don't have to be scarred

To have scars means to have some physical marks. To be scarred means to feel insecure and inferior because we let those marks define us. We may be scarred not just by bodily marks, but also by any resentment-inducing material limitation.

How can we avoid becoming scarred?

By understanding that we are more than our bodies. The Bhagavad-gita (02.13) states that we are unchanging souls living in changing bodies. The body acts like a vehicle carrying us souls on our multi-life journey of spiritual evolution towards our eternal destination: our all-attractive, all-loving Lord, Krishna. To keep evolving, we need to focus on our destination.

Suppose we rent a car that has some scratches. Though we will notice those scratches, we won't let them affect us inordinately, knowing that they don't hamper the car's capacity to take us to our destination.

Similarly, our scars don't hamper our body's capacity to take us towards Krishna.

We can progress towards him by practicing bhakti-yoga, wherein we serve him with all our present material resources, including our body. He looks beyond our looks to our outlook. If we serve him with a devotional attitude, he is pleased by whatever service we do with whatever we have. And he rewards us with deep spiritual realizations.

One precious realization is that every body comes with some weakness; our scars are just one such weakness. What if some people obsess over those scars? We don't have to be one of them, nor do we have to take them seriously. Then, how can we fulfill our need for relationships and belonging? By connecting with Krishna's devotees. Like him, they look beyond looks with a devotional outlook and encourage us to do the same.

By cultivating spiritual knowledge internally and spiritual association externally, we can transcend our scars.

Think it over:

What is the difference between having scars and being scarred?

How does spiritual knowledge change our vision of our scars?

How can we avoid being affected by people who obsess over externals?

Read more https://www.gitadaily.com/we-may-have-scars-but-we-dont-have-to-be-scarred/ https://www.gitadaily.com/we-may-have-scars-but-we-dont-have-to-be-scarred/

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When you suspect the strength of the foundation of a house, you are afraid to enter it; when you suspect the skill of the manufacturer, you are nervous to ride in the car. The present times have become an age of fear, anxiety and ashanti (absence of peace) because people do not have deep faith in the Creator. Bhishma, Shankara and other Jnanis (wise ones) knew that the Lord is the basis (Aadhara) for all creation and had no fear at all. In recent times, Mahatma Gandhi relied on the Lord's Grace and His Might and won freedom for the Nation. Know that the Lord is the unseen foundation on which your life is built. He is your source, sustenance and strength. Without His Will, no leaf can turn, no blade of grass can quiver. What firmer foundation can you desire than this? Having known the Lord, the Omnipotent Power as the mainspring of your life, you should not fear any more!

Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:05 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Pleasure and Pain

by Sri Swami Sivananda

Pleasure is a particular mental state. It is a kind of exhilaration. Raga (attraction) causes pleasure. Dvesha (repulsion) causes pain. The mind expands itself in a moment of pleasure. It contracts in a moment of pain. They both are only relative states of mind. Really pleasure and pain have no real, lasting existence. What is really pleasure for one man may be pain to another. What is pleasure to a man at a particular time is pain to the same man at another time. The first two cups of milk give you some pleasure. The third cup induces distaste, and the fourth cup nausea and retching. There is no real, everlasting pleasure in the objects of the world.

Pleasure and pain are not two separate entities by themselves. They are the obverse and the reverse sides of the same coin. The difference is not in kind but in the application. They are a pair of the opposites, each interacting differently. Both pleasure and pain are subjective. Both of them can be mentally converted through a strong will, by the change in your Bhavana or mental attitude Many vegetarian students from India, who go abroad for higher or special studies, become avid meat-eaters. Meat was repulsive to them when they were at their homes. Mere sight of meat would then induce in them disgust. How is it that they are able to relish meat with avidity, now? All this takes place by simple change in the attitude of thinking caused by external influences.

There is fluctuation in pleasure and pain. There is no continuous wave of pleasure and pain in the mind. If there is a continuous wave of pain, man will not be able to live even for a few days. The mind cannot always dwell on pain or pleasure. It is a great blessing. If you are in constant anxiety of death, then you may actually die in a short time. The varied objects of the world serve as diverting agents for the mind.

Amidst all pleasures of various kinds, fear, foreboding, care and worry blight your happiness and give you pain. There is a wave of pleasure for five minutes, and then it is followed by a wave of pain for the next five minutes. This rhythm continues throughout the life of man. Watch carefully your feelings through introspection. You will find that they are a jumble of mixed emotions. Therefore, on the spiritual path, culturing of emotions constitutes a vital Sadhana. The man who has no control over emotions is like a dry leaf tossed about by the vagaries of the wind. Here self-control and sublimation play an effective role. Little elations should not make you lose your head. Little feelings of depression, caused by little things, should not break your heart.

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"What is the meaning of life and the world, and of the relationship of the individual soul with Brahman? Whence are we born? Whereby do we live? On what are we established? What is the goal of life? How to attain the goal? Destined by whom do we live through various conditions of pain and pleasure? These are some of the great problems of life." - Swami Sivananda

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When the the eight knowledge based systems of an ardent devotee are down due to submission to Eswara through Saashthaanga Pranaamam ,the consolidated total knowledge is dissolved in Laya Kaaraka/Eswara who is in all Bhutamulu (beings) as Atma/ Chidaananda Rupam and the devotee undergoes the spiritual bliss as Sat Nidhi/Nava Nidhi

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