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While giving Haarati to Eswara in a temple, a priest holds a small bell (Ghanta) in his left hand and keeps it ringing continuously with his left hand and also holds a small lamp in his right hand and keeps it moving around Eswara Lingam continuously besides uttering a Mantram. Initially he wont be able to do all the tasks simultaneously. But over a period of time, he would achieve success in synchronizing all the processes due to regular practice.
Exactly on the same lines a person intending do meditation(Dhyanam) on Eswara should keep uttering Eswara Namam/Siva Sabdam continuously and should keep either seeing Eswara Lingam/Rupam with the eyes of mind or keep recalling Eswara Tatvam continuously to mind simultaneously. Over a period of time, a Dhyanee achieves success in concentration and meditation due to regular practice.
On the same lines as described above, a Dhyanee can achieve success easily in concentration and meditation through uttering Taaraka Mantram(Rama Namam) continuously and either through seeing the Pumasaam Mohana Rupam of Prabhu Rama with mind( Mano Lochanamulu) continuously or by recollecting the Mahaneeya Gunamulu/sixteen virtues of Prabhu Rama as stated in Srimad Ramayanam simultaneously on regular basis.
It is a mathematical fact that two lines always meet at a point which is nothing but the point of intersection of those lines. Even the parallel lines meet at infinity. This point of intersection is nothing but the point of concentration in Dhyanam. Precisely this point signifies the Agni Netram/Jhnana Netram(third eye) on the forehead of Eswara. The upward journey of Dhi(intellect) from the above point to Eswara who is in all Bhutamulu as Atma as Gamyam(destination) is Dhyanam (meditation)

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