[racchabanda] రచ్చబండ కవితలు



In the village fair


The ventriloquism goes on and on

The ventriloquist and the puppet

Or is it a Muppet, they are in constant dialogue

The Muppet says the Ventri is the greatest,

And the Ventri says the Muppet is the best,

Together they promote each other, as the best ever  

That they are the best of the best

In fact it is the only never ending act in the village.


Ah! The tricks they can do, if Ventri swallows the fire

It comes out thru the Muppet's mouth

If Muppet says Abracosmoscadabraharrypotterescalate

Deescalate elevate unfold open sesame close casket

Bury burn jump up and down go dig deep in the ground  

The Ventri waves a magic woo gee boogie weegie wand

And Stars, Sun, Moon, Plutus, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury

Gods, goddesses of every kind, from heaven and hell

They just go round and round, and we all dance around the

Spectacular, spectacle bon fire out somewhere out there

Then drop down with all our wits lost, or wits regained?




I love The Betty white and Sandra Bullock's dance in the forest, in the movie "The Proposal." Betty white in Native Indian attire, in Sitka, Alaska, asks Sandra in her casuals to "chant, chant, don't you know how to chant, Use your vowels A. E. O. " Then Sandra Bullock comes up with an enchanting chant and dance.

A definite favorite of mine.


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