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"That would be the highest thing for me" so says your lying spirit unto itself – "to gaze upon life without desire." To be happy in gazing: with dead will, free from the grip and greed of selfishness. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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"You must be in love with your spiritual Sadhana." – Swami Chidananda

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A Frenchman by name Riviera, wrote to His Holiness Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Mahaswamiji the following letter:

Dated 17.5.1928

Addressed by:

Jean Riviera,

19, Rue Jouvenet Paris 16, France.

To: The Dharmathipathi Vidyasagar Sri Sankaracharya madathipathi.

My Venerable Guru,

Research of the truth and love of peace are my apologizing for sending this letter.

I am a Frenchman. My learning in English is not all right and I beg to apologise to my mistakes in their language. I do not know Hindi or Tamil.

If I take the liberty, Venerable Guru, to write directly to your Honour, it is because I believe in the superiority of Vedanta. I tried to find truth in occidental philosophies and I found nothing. We are in Europe, in Kali Yuga age, and there are here too much of excitement, egoism, selfishness, and materialism. From my boyhood, I try to find path of light. But I am alone in Europe: there are no light, no Guru, no pandit; Occidental teachers are intellectual, not spiritual men.

Happily, I found some translations in English of Hindu philosophy. I found Upanishads and Bhashya of Sri Sankaracharya; I tried to study Sanskrit by myself and I learned and studied these sacred books.

My aim is illumination. I know that, above all intellectual knowledges, there are Brahma-Vidya and pure Buddhi. But how to attain the path? I read on the sacred books that the way is meditation. But how is good meditation?

I take refuge in your honour to enlighten me. I believe in Vedanta and Divine teachings of Veda. I believe in Divine incarnation of Sri Sankaracharya.. I believe firmly that Truth and Peace are in realization of Purusha, out from Maya and Avidya.

I have no guide on the hard path; I am alone and I implore your help. I know you have great experience and powers. I know that space and time are nothing to you on a certain plane. May I ask your honour to give me light and peace? What is the mantra or the word; who will give me the way to realize the teaching of the sacred books? If I was sure that I am linked with a spiritual center, I could ask for the help of my Guru.

I give over to the kind attention of your honour to care to see the best way to my spiritual assistance. I know that all will be always right at last.. May I hope to have a letter from your Holiness. I beg your spiritual blessings and through your honour, I bow to the sacred feet of the Venerable Sri Sankaracharya.




The reply from the Mutt contained the following pregnant passages :

"His Holiness is highly pleased to see what an amount of interest you take in Sankara in spite of the great barriers of language and distance. He is deeply touched by your spiritual earnestness.

"The pursuit of Vedantic truth leading to Atmic realization requires as a preliminary qualification in the seeker that he should have attained a certain degree of spiritual awakening as much as of intellectual acuteness which he may have acquired in his previous births. And as he advances he may meet with difficulties, which he can overcome only with the help of a Guru. It is not therefore possible to prescribe any one course suitable for all stages.

"The following directions would however be found most helpful to seekers who are not able readily to consult their Guru at each step and who are eager to make rapid progress. The steadying of one"s mind is a sine qua non for the realisation of the Vedantic goal. Keeping this in view the practices indicated below are advised.

"Firstly, physical: The avoidance of all stimulating food, drink, and the adoption as far as possible of the vegetarian diet.

"Secondly, moral: The daily exercise of universal love without distinction of any kind towards all beings and the actual rendering of helpful services to them in a spirit of selfless service.

"Thirdly, mental: The cultivation of a habit of retiring into one"s own self. Daily concentration of thought on some single object held in the highest reverence through which spiritual light is sought. Concentration should be practised whenever the mind is fresh and vigorous and it may be resorted to as often as convenient without getting tired. The mind should be guarded against falling asleep during the exercise. One may start with a few minutes practice and the period may be gradually increased.

"Fourthly, intellectual: Enquiry (vichara) should be made every day and the problem of truth deeply pondered over whenever they occur.

"His Holiness fully realizes your difficulties especially as you are struggling in an atmosphere surcharged with materialism. But Europe is bound to seek Vedantic light in due course. Only she has to persevere in her pursuit of truth in preference to things of a lower order. She is now steadfast in seeking truth in the world of science. She will be led to the search of truth in metaphysics also provided her thirst for knowledge continues.

"Should you adopt the practices indicated above as far as it is possible for you to do so and write to His Holiness again, He will most gladly give you such further help as may be possible in this direction".

It is interesting to learn that the gentlemen earnestly followed these directions and desired to have a picture of His Holiness or Sri Sankaracharya to fix his mind upon and have "a vivid object of daily contemplation." In reply thereto he was informed that His Holiness was highly pleased to learn that he was pursuing with much earnestness the practical as well as the theoretical courses indicated and the at His Holiness was much pleased to send for his use a picture of His own Guru which he himself constantly kept before Him.

He was cautioned, "This picture should be approached every day only when one is perfectly clean in body and perfectly clean in mind. Absolute purity in thought, in word and in deed, is demanded. The more steadfast and concentrated the devotion with which one prays for help seeking Atmic light, the more quickly does one receive the blessings of the Guru whose spiritual existence will always be felt whenever there is a sincere seeker. Kindly continue your efforts with this conviction."

-- Prashant Parikh --

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In this journey of life, first and foremost, you need to have self-confidence. Today people suffer because of lack of self-confidence. There may be a few difficulties in your way, but do not be unduly perturbed. You should face all hardships with courage and conviction. Only then you will attain true happiness. If you have total faith in God, you will be able to overcome all difficulties. Never blame God for your difficulties. You are bound to face the consequences of your actions, whether good or bad! But if you earn God's grace, even difficult circumstances will yield good. So develop faith in God more and more. You trust your friend whom you met only a few years ago, but not God who is with you, in you, and around you, throughout your life. You trust the washerman and part with your valuable clothes. Why then is it hard for you to have firm faith and trust in the omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient all-powerful Divinity? Sri Satya Sai Baba.

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Real Renunciation - by Sri Swami Sivananda

Real renunciation consists in the renunciation of 'I-ness' and 'mine-ness' and desires. Moksha does not mean the physical separation from all worldly affairs but only a state of mind bereft of all impure Vasanas or clinging to worldly things, but yet working as usual amidst them.

Queen Chudalai in the form of Kumbha Muni said to Raja Sikhidhwaja, her husband, who was in the forest: "The renunciation of yours is not the true one. Though you have given up your kingdom and the rest, that will not constitute true renunciation. You have yet desires in all objects. It is only by entire rejection of them that you can hope to attain the Brahmic Bliss of the wise. Alas! You have not renounced anything. All your delusive renunciations are in vain." On this the king reflected and said: 'There is left with me only this body composed of white bones and flesh, in which the serpents of the five sense-organs hiss. I shall instantly dispose of it without care You shall soon see." So saying, he ascended the summit of a high cliff, and was about to cast his body down, when the supreme Kumbha Muni arrested him with these words: 'What is this folly that you are about to do? How, O ignorant man, did this body of yours hinder your progress? How will death in any way help you? Though you should fall down and destroy this body, like a bull that is angry with a tender calf, yet you will not complete the true abnegation. But, if you, O king, will give up that which is the cause of motion in this body, and which yields the seed of all births and Karmas, then true renunciation will be made. This is the unqualified Truth."

That man who has a wavering mind and turbulent senses, and who has not ethical training, can never obtain this Atman.

There is no salvation obtained through the mere holding of the staff or making the head bald or other disguise or through ostentatious observances. Sitting for six hours on one Asana at stretch and reading Gita or Bhagawata for two hours, cannot give Mukti for a man. Though the man is seated with closed eyes, he may have day-dream and many evil thoughts. He may not possess right conduct and ethical culture. He tells lots of lies daily. He injures others. He does backbiting and tale-bearing. He has an unchaste look. He has jealousy. Purification of the mind and cultivation of virtuous qualities are of vital importance. Then only the divine light will descend. Then only the vessel will be strong enough to hold on the divine light.

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