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An excerpt from Telugu novel 'Himabindu' and a few thoughts.


హిమబిందు ద్వితీయ భాగము

29. ప్రయోగభంగము.

మంత్రములతో అగ్నిని అర్చించి, ఇంద్రాది దేవతలను ప్రార్ధించి, స్థౌలతిష్యుడు విషబాలను శ్రీకృష్ణశాతవాహనునిపై ప్రయోగించు హోమములు సలిపెను. ఆమె పద్మాసనపీఠముపై కూర్చుండియుండ మంత్రములతో ఆమెకు షోడశార్చన స్థౌలతిష్యులు జరిపెను.

ఆమె లోనికి సర్వ మృత్యువులు ఆహ్వానింపబడెను.

"నిన్ను జూచినంతనే జీవములు హత మొందును గాక."

నిన్ను స్పృశించిన తోడనే మనుష్యులు బూడిదయైపోవుదురుగాక!"

అను నర్ధముగల మంత్రములను పఠించుచు స్థౌలతిష్యు డామెను ప్రయోగించబోవుచుండ, ఆమె చివ్వున లేచినది.

" తాతగారూ! ప్రయోగించకుడు. నేను ఒప్పను. నేను మృత్యువును కాను" అని అరచినది.


In the episode above, a young unmarried woman, is being turned into a weapon, by her own grandfather, who wants to destroy a future king, because of differences in religious ideology. 

This plot where a woman is on the way to be utilized as a political weapon, is used in different forms, in so many literary works, from mythologies to current literature.

In real life, I have seen similar strategy, being used in American politics so many times, for close to half a century. In many different ways. Looks like another variation of same plot, and a high drama, came to an ending today in the senate, after an immense struggle. 

I liked Senator Collins summation speech and vote at three pm in the senate yesterday. She may be small, she may be old, her voice may be shaky, but she delivered a clear cut one hour speech where she presented her arguments one after the other logically, and then only cast her vote for the nominated candidate for Supreme Court.

Bapiraju, the Telugu story writer and novelist resolves such tough situations, in his novels giving immense satisfaction to the reader. While creating drama and tension, he appears to have tremendous concern and care for his characters even. He protects them as though they are real. He wants women and men to live in Love. And not turn against each other, to destroy and be destroyed. And that caring thought of the writer passes on to the reader and becomes a guiding light.

There are many writers who are extremely readable, but there are not that many writers who can become dependable resources of wisdom beyond their time. Bapiraju still scores very high in my heart. To this day, I summon Bapiraju for help. To tune my soul when in discord. I am reading Himabindu now, just for that timely tuning.  




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