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FILE - Racchabanda Subscription Request reply

Subject : Your subscription request to join racchabanda


We have received your subscription request to join #racchabanDa# group.
Please note that this is a moderated group with a specific charter, and
people who join the group should read and abide by the charter.

Following some unpleasant incidents from the past, it is our policy to
request every new applicant to identify him/herself through a brief
introduction first, before approval of membership. Please give us the
following information promptly.

Your name:
Location :
Occupation :
Reasons for your interest in Racchabanda:

We value your privacy. Any information provided by you is confidential
and will not be shared with any other organization, newsgroup or individuals.

Please do read the charter of the group, at the link below, before posting to the group:

Please note that your request will be rejected if we do not hear from you
within 14 days. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Moderators - racchabanDa