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As Mahaneeya Gunaatmajam, Rama set a standard (Pramaanam) to Satgunamulu/Dharmam and established the truth that Dharmam as followed by him is Satya Saadhanam. As Sareeram(body) is a tool intended for Dharma Acharana(practice), Dharmam as depicted in Srimad Ramyanam is the one and only way for realization Satyam/Brahmam.
As Viryavaan, Rama exhibited his valor and courage only to establish Truth.
As Raja Dharma Avataram, Raja Rama used to share like a mother in the grief and as a father in the happiness of the people of his kingdom.
As Drudavrata, Rama had observed Brahmacharyam and was like a king/head of Tapasvees during Vanavaasam.
As Krutagnasya, Rama had embraced Hanuman affectionately and called him as dear as his brother Bharata who carried his Paadukulu on the head and latter on accorded the highest honor to them as the crown of Ayodhya.
As Satyavrata, Rama made Sugriva and Vibhishana as the kings of their respective countries.
As Chaaritra, Rama Charitam is Anantam, Maha Paataka Naasanam and Vimalam
As Vidvaan, Rama is Smitha Bhashi, Mitha Bhashi , Madhura Bhashi and Poorva Bhashi..
As Sarvabhutah Hitah, Rama was affectionate to Ahalya, Guha, Sabari, Kaakaasur, Jataauvu and squirrel irrespective of any consideration.
As Samrtha, Rama won the heart of ParasuRama who was overpowered by anger. Prabhu Rama also overpowered the ego of Samudra at the time of Setu Nirmaanam
As Priya Darsanaha, Rama was admired by even his opponents like Maaricha, Vaali, Taara and Mandodari etc..
As Jitakrodho, Rama pardoned Kaakaasur, Sugriv and Vibheeshana when once they bowed down to him.
As Dhyutiman, Rama is Neela Megha Syamam and Pumsaam Mohana Rupam
As Anasuyaka, Rama never had an eye on the kingdom/riches of Ravana nor even on the throne of Ayodhya.
As Kasya Bibyati Devah ca Jyata rosaya Myuge, Rama was a terror even in the minds of gods at the time of releasing an arrow from his bow.
As Atmavaan, Prabhu Rama is Sudda Brahma Paraatpara Swarupam and Kaalaatmaka Swarupam.This truth is ever remembered with great reverence as Ram Naam Sach Hai when a dead body is taken out for cremation. The bottom line is Sri Rama Raksha Sarva Jagath Raksha.

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