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Mon Mar 5, 2018 8:56 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Ravi Mamparambath" adhyathmikam

Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter 5 Hymn 0062 to 0080

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Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter 5 Hymn 0062 to 0080

The Rig Veda is a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns counted among the four Hindu religious texts known as the V...



Om Namo NarayanayaDr. M. R. Ravi

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Mon Mar 5, 2018 7:19 pm (PST) . Posted by:


As Atmajulu of Eswara, we are all Atma Swarupam/Ananda Swarupam.
The million dollar question is how to realize this truth?
The only way is to decipher/decode Maya(illusion) to realize Sat as Sat is the Aadhaaram(basis) for Maya.
To realize that we are Amruta Swarupam (Immortal), we have to conquer Mruthuvu (death).
How to conquer Mruthuvu?
The only way is to wipe out Mruthyu Bhayam from mind through discarding Deham(Anityam).
How to discard Deham(Anityam)?
The only way is to drive away Deha Moham (attachment) from mind.
How to wipe out Deha Moham?
The only way is through Indriya Nigraham (control of senses) by mind as Manasu (mind) is the boss of the sensual organs.
What is the first step to start with?
To start with, a Saadhaka has to be free from Jihva(tongue) Chaapalyam?
When Jihva would be free from Jihva Chaapalyam (longing to eat as per Ruchi(taste)?
When does Jihva Chaapalyam come to an end ?
When a Saadhaka treats all the six Ruchulu (tastes) alike then the Jihva would be beyond Ruchi(taste).
What is the next step ?
A Saadhaka has to control the remaining four senses on the same lines.
On achieving the control over the five senses, the mind of a Saadhaka would be free from Vikaaram/displacement.
When Manasu(mind) is free from Vikaaram then Manasu would be Poornam/Brahmam.

Mon Mar 5, 2018 9:06 pm (PST) . Posted by:


A demon is a person who has a good deal of expertise in any field like medicine, engineering, science, technology etc and earns money for his/her selfish ends like personal comforts, name,fame and for his/her children etc without realizing that Eswara is in Sarva Bhutamulu(beings)and Eswara is Jagath Bhaavana and Jagath Kalyana Karta. A demon meets a miserable end because the expertise so gained acts against his/ her own interest at the end and displaces/ destabilizes mind( Manasu) through snatching away peace of mind and finally destroys his life.
That is why a learned person who does realize Eswara Tatvam and does not feel Eswara in all beings is called Brahma Raakshasa
Mind(Manasu) is a software tool which acts as an instrument for Mukti (freedom) as well as for Bandham (shackle) just like a key which is used for locking a house and as well as for opening a house which is in the locked condition. It is the most powerful tool as blessed by Eswara to the human beings so as to become one (Ekam) with Him as Layam(dissolution) in the capacity as Parama Padam(ultimate destination of human life/journey and as Chidaananda Rupam. This task needs to be achieved through burning the urn made up of mud/Sareeram(Sareera Moham/ Sareera Abhimaanam) i.e attachment with the body as the body is Anityam and Dukkha Daayakam and AJhnana Rupam as it makes a person to feel that he/she is different from others. In fact Mukti is freedom from the body which is a chain/shackle and it needs to be attained when one is very much alive. It can be visualized as a detachment of the mind (second level/step) from the bottom/first level/step(body) through attaching it with the third/final level/step/ (Eswara/Atma)
Keeping the above philosophy in mind, an expert in any subject should invariably utilize his/her expertise/skill in relentless service for the sake of the welfare of the poor, needy and down trodden people without any selfish motive by realizing that Eswara took the deadly poison (Halahalam) to protect the Jagath as Jagath Prabhu and to bless us with Amrutam(Taaraka Mantram). Further it is to be realized that Eswara stays in Smasaanam (cremation ground) to bless us with Santi and Amrutatvam through taking us back in to within Him.
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